5 Websites to bookmark before Cyber Monday

by: Alyson Komyanek

From discount pet supplies to late night delivery of diapers and formula these 5 websites offer something for everyone who’s on a budget…

cyber shopping


Pet owners rejoice! They have everything from grooming supplies and housetraining needs to cat houses and flea and tick protection collars. All of the prices are great, but buying in bulk offers even bigger discounts, so ask your fellow pet parents, to add to your order and place one big order for added savings.

Bag, Borrow or Steal.com

Having a collection of designer handbags would be fantastic, but we all know it’s not realistic. That was, until a few years ago when, somewhere, somehow a very wise woman (I’m just safely assuming it was a woman) created www.bagborroworsteal.com and this dream become a reality. The site allows you to “rent” these handbags on a monthly basis for a fraction of what it would cost you to own them. Some of the bags have a retail cost of up to $1,500, but can be rented for as low as $125 per month.  Unlike other sites, membership is NOT required, and the cost listed includes insurance on your rental. If you like the bag and just can’t bring yourself to return it, you might be able to purchase it outright, but they do have some rules about that. However, there is no rental limit, so you could just keep paying the monthly fee to rent it. The creator of this site has my vote for most influential person of the year.


Attention Moms and Dads everywhere! If your baby needs it, you can purchase it on this site at the lowest prices around. Once you’re registered, you’ll receive coupons in your inbox that offer even more savings. Not impressed? Listen to this; they’ll deliver your order to your front door in 2 days or less. Still not enough? Spend $35 or more and that 2 day shipping is free. Doesn’t this make 2AM emergencies a lot easier?


If they make it, you can buy it on Amazon. From coffee mugs and CD’s to power tools and clothing, Amazon has it all. The prices are reasonable and if you sign up to be an Amazon Prime customer, you will get even better deals throughout the year (it does cost about $80 per year for Prime membership). The customer review section is also helpful to read before making your final purchase. Amazon even verifies buyer reviews, so you can be certain that the review is from an actual customer and not the product’s inventor looking for a self plug.

Light in the Box.com

It’s similar to Amazon, but doesn’t have as many products. However, if you need a fancy dress, Light in the Box is the site for you! They have dresses for every occasion…they even sell wedding gowns, and they’re all completely affordable! A unique feature of this site is the “custom measurements” check box. Selecting that box brings you to a page with instructions for taking your measurements. Once you do so, you can fill them in and the dress will be custom built for you. One downfall of this site, is that if your ordering a dress in a color different from what the model has on, you can’t see how it looks until it arrives. The site does have color swatches available through, but on a separate page. Don’t let that discourage you though…it’s still worth checking out!

Happy Cyber Shopping!

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