Brian Doherty Drums up a Documentary

Brian Doherty

Drummer Brian Doherty of Hawthorne, NY teamed up with Pace University film student Lou Guarneri to make a short film. The film “Who The F***is Brian Doherty?” provides an inside look at Brian’s career in the music industry as well as his challenges and future plans.

Brian’s career and endeavors attracted Pace student Lou Guarneri who then made a short documentary about Doherty’s career as a session drummer. In the film, Brian talks about his experience in the music industry, his Keep it Simple series, Treat + Release (Brian’s debut record), his experience as a NYC music teacher, and his hopes for the future of music. Release date for the film is October 31, 2012. Keep it Simple Volume 3 will be released October 15, 2012.

Doherty is an established musician who has worked with bands such as They Might Be Giants, XTC, Freedy Johnston and Ben Folds M2M, and Frank Black.

Doherty now provides pre-recorded drum tracks to bands unfortunate enough not to have a drummer by providing them with the option to purchase his Keep It Simple drum tracks series. The Keep it Simple series gives musicians the ability to buy multitrack .WAV files making it much cheaper than it would cost to hire a session drummer of Doherty’s caliber.

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