Food for Thought: Village Animal Clinic in Ardsley Separates Fads from Facts in Today’s Pet Food Market

September 30, 2012 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Village Animal Clinic
875 Saw Mill River Rd
Ardsley, NY 10502
Village Animal Clinic

A vast array of choices in the pet food market today can leave pet owners in a state of confusion when shopping for Fido or Fluffy’s fare. Dr. Catherine Dell’Orto, Associate Veterinarian at Village Animal Clinic in Ardsley, which has been serving patients in Westchester County for nearly three decades, will present a free seminar on pet nutrition.

The educational seminar will help pet parents discern facts from fads so they can make a more informed decision when choosing the best food for their pet. Dr. Dell’Orto will address a full range of pet food and nutrition topics, including raw diets, the difference between all-natural, organic and grain-free, government regulation of the pet food industry, and marketing strategies of pet food companies. The goal is to educate pet owners to make decisions about buying pet food based on information NOT emotional marketing campaigns. Special attention will be paid to food allergy, feline nutrition and pet obesity.

Brunch time treats and mimosas will be served during the seminar.                                    Please RSVP at (914) 693-2626.

About Village Animal Clinic                                                                                                  Founded by Chief of Surgery Martin DeAngelis, DVM, ACVS, Village Animal Clinic ( has been part of Westchester County’s community for 27 years, providing general wellness and preventative care as well as specialized services in dental, ophthalmological, and holistic care. Known worldwide for developing a surgical technique in the repair of cranial cruciate ligament ruptures, Dr. DeAngelis provides patients with care related to orthopedic surgery, cancer related surgery, laser surgery, neurosurgery, and soft-tissue surgery. The Clinic utilizes only the safest anesthetics and products, and incorporates the latest pain management protocols when indicated. Village Animal Clinic has earned annual accreditation from the American Animal Hospital Association, the only organization that accredits veterinary practices adhering to the highest standards of veterinary care. Only 15% of US and Canadian veterinary hospitals are accredited by AAHA. Visit at

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