Touchstone Health HMO Free Health & Wellness Series Presentation at Yonkers Riverfront Public Library

August 21, 2013 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Yonkers Riverfront Public Library
1 Larkin Plaza
Yonkers, NY 10701
Touchstone Health HMO

Touchstone Health HMO, Inc., a New York Medicare Advantage company, is hosting a free health and wellness education series for older adults at Yonkers Riverfront Public Library.

Touchstone Health’s Chief Medical Officer Mitchell Strand, MD, will talk about a variety of health care topics focused on senior care, including the importance of preventive care, the management of chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes, as well as medication management and safety.

“Nearly half of the adults in America have at least one chronic disease, and many of them are preventable,” says Dr. Strand. “Healthy living starts with preventive health care and this is a great opportunity for older adults in the community, as well as Touchstone Health members, to get more involved in their health care.”

Touchstone Health is committed to ensuring that older adults receive the care and education they need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Everyone is welcome to attend the free health and wellness education series and guests are encouraged to ask about their most pressing health concerns. Attendees at previous seminars have received expert advice about how to manage their chronic conditions and several important preventive health practices. Seminars usually run for an hour and Dr. Strand allows ample time for audience interaction and questions.

“Preventive care and disease management may include examinations, vaccinations, screenings and lab testing, which can help detect health problems early and help manage current health issues,” says Dr. Strand. “The goal of Touchstone Health’s free health and wellness series is to inform older adults about how to manage their conditions and live well through knowledge and proper care.”

The Affordable Care Act provides Medicare beneficiaries (Medicare Part B) with free preventive services such as cardiovascular, diabetes, cholesterol, and cancer screenings, and vaccines to offer valuable protection against serious or life-threatening diseases. Medicare also covers a free annual wellness examination, which is a great opportunity to create or update a personalized prevention plan based on current health and risk factors. Older adults may be eligible for important preventive services and immunizations at no cost and should talk to their health care provider to find out what preventive and screening services are covered.

Upcoming Presentations:
October 23, 2013
December 11, 2013

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