Green with Craft Beer Envy: Croton-on-Hudson’s Green Growler

by Ken Glauber 

Whereas people used to primarily associate beer with frat life, full stomachs, and loud noises, the beverage has experienced quite an image overhaul in recent times due to the craft beer movement, in which places like the Green Growler in Croton-on-Hudson, NY have flourished.


The Green Growler is a small “craft beer grocery store” in Croton-on-Hudson that sells various high quality beers, both draft and bottled.  Beer aficionados will be elated at the labels they can find at the ‘double G.’ On the menu currently are choices like Captain Lawrence St. Vincent’s Dubbel, Unibroue Trois Pistoles, Shipyard Monkey Fist IPA, and McSorley’s Irish Pale Ale, as well as several others, and that’s just on draft.  The list of featured bottled beers include names like Big City Jamaica Stout, Green Flash Rayon Vert, Harpoon Leviathan Baltic Porter, and Point Whole Hog Imperial Russian Stout.

Green Growler regularly hosts beer tastings.

As if the daunting list of specialty beers wasn’t enough of a reason, the service is excellent.  The employees at the Green Growler get right down to business. They’ll give a quick overview of the beer in question, complete with brief yet descriptive information about its label, it origins, its taste, its price, and its alcohol percentage.

The Green Growler is a hands-on type of store. They participate in local Croton events like Summerfest, and the Clearwater festival (where they served root beer), and they regularly host beer tastings, and store events. Yet another appealing factor to the store is its request section on their website. This section of the website is laid out like the comments section of a blog post, where beer enthusiasts can not only request their favorite under-the-radar beers, but chat with other aficionados about the nitty gritty of each beer, and the availability.

If you know beer and you wish to learn more, this is your place. As beer culture advances and the niche audience grows, establishments like the Green Growler represent the lovable small business side to a formerly corporate powerhouse of beer companies that dominate the SuperBowl commercials. Finally we see the demise of watered down beer, and the rise of flavor and quality.

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