Happening Kids: New Rochelle Local Students Prepare for 6th Grade

Students from Daniel Webster Magnet School participated in a day of adventure learning exercises as part of their trip to EMPOWER Leadership Sports & Adventure Center in Middletown, CT where they spent the day “preparing for 6th grade” with the EMPOWER team.

Students getting pumped up for EMPOWER's zip line canopy tour course

Students getting pumped up for EMPOWER’s zip line canopy tour course

Students took part in the zip line canopy tour adventure which takes participants through the forest canopy over 5 zip lines, two “Indiana Jones” style suspension bridges, a military style cargo net and a tight wire traverse.

EMPOWER’s founder and owner Joe DeRing was impressed with the students, “It was amazing to see so many students accept the adventure challenges with such positive attitudes. The support that the students gave one another was impressive! We hope these students continue supporting each other as they prepare for the transition to 6th grade.”

After completing the zip line canopy tour students were able to further demonstrate their willingness to accept positive challenges and support one another on EMPOWER’s tree climb adventures.

EMPOWER manager Dan Jaskot commented, “To watch each student overcome their fear while climbing 55 feet up a tree was so rewarding. Students went from being nervous climbers to confident achievers; which demonstrates that with the right attitude and support systems great things can be accomplished!”

The majority of the adventure program took place within the forest canopy; however, participants also had the opportunity to practice problem solving and relationship development skills during various ground based team building challenges. Each ground-based challenge required students to share creative ideas, listen to one another and develop problem solving action plans. After each challenge EMPOWER facilitator, Kyle Newman helped the students realize that the skills practiced at EMPOWER can also be used in school.

Kyle Newman stated, “Being able to develop positive relationships and communicate with the people around you are skills that will help in 6th grade and beyond!” Over the course of the trip, the students participated in over 6 hours of facilitated adventure activities.

As the tired yet confident and smiling students loaded the busses, Dan Jaskot was asked to reflect on the impact of the program and stated, “Throughout the day these students were challenged to overcome fear, support and encourage one another, and practice being a great leader and problem solver. Every student should be proud of what they accomplished today.”

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