Hunger…for the Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

Are you a fan of the Hunger Games? If not, then read it.  You have exactly one week before the movie premiers in Westchester County, and all over the rest of the country.  Suzanne Collins’ post-apocalyptic story is all the rage these days among pre-teens, teens and yes…many of us adults.  The compelling first novel in her trilogy, its a fast paced action story, with many poignant moments as well.  The protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, is the role model for many girls these days.  She is tough, a fighter.  Yet, she has a heart greater than all the world, and a drive to succeed in the “game” that cannot be rivaled.  The Hunger Games is an interesting play on reality tv, and bare bones survival.  Its a commentary on the world we live in…and the world we may one day become.

People are already lining up to purchase tickets, and this movie release has the potential to be one of the largest grossing in motion picture history.  The Hunger Games is being shown at many local area theaters, including the New Roc Multiplex, and small theaters such as the Larchmont Playhouse, and the Mamaroneck Playhouse.  Your best bet is to hop on over to FANDANGO and purchase your tickets ahead of time.  But even if you get tickets in advance, be sure to get to the theater early, so you get that perfect seat.  And…May the Odds be ever in Your Favor!

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