Happening Kid: Jamie Loeb of Ossining

Did you know that Westchester County is home to some of the top junior tennis players in the country? With competitive youth tennis programs, players are gaining access to renowned instructors and state-of-the-art tennis facilities.

This month, the Happening Kid spotlight is on one of those talented youth players- Jamie Loeb, a 17 year-old from Ossining who is taking the tennis world by storm. Jamie is currently nationally ranked as the #5 junior girl player (not to mention #1 in New York State as well as the entire Mid-Atlantic). In a recent article from ESPN, Jamie explained that living at home and staying in New York while training is important to her. Luckily, having access to the John McEnroe Tennis Academy in Westchester County and in New York City, allows Jamie to receive world-class training near home almost every day that she is not playing a tournament

Westchester Happening recently got the chance to speak with Jamie about her many “Happening” accomplishments:

WH: Balancing school & sports at your level of competition is no easy feat. Where do you attend school?

JL: I am going into my senior year and will be doing my second year of online schooling. I am using Laurel Springs which is a California based program and is considered a private school.

WH: That makes sense- more time for your rigorous training schedule! Speaking of, we hear you are quite the tennis player! How long have you been playing?

JL: I started playing tennis at age 4. When I was 8 years old, I competed in my first tournament.

WH: What is your favorite aspect about the sport? 

JL: I love the competition and how tennis is an individual sport, so the match lies in my hands. Other sports like basketball and soccer have teams where you can depend on other people. In tennis, you are out there by yourself figuring out how to break down your opponent.

WH: What accomplishment, either on or off the tennis court, are you most proud of and why is it so special to you?

JL: My biggest accomplishment was when I won my first Women’s $10,000 Pro Circuit Event in the beginning of July. This was my second Women’s Professional tournament that I have competed in. To win this event proved that my game has improved tremendously over the past year, and I should be competing at this level more often. Even though I was younger than most of the players in the tournament, I was able to rise to the occasion and show why I do belong there.

WH: Wow- congratulations! So after experiencing such a huge accomplishment at a young age, what would you say is your biggest dream?

JL:  My biggest dream is to win the US Open and to be number one in the world.

WH: It sounds like you are well on your way. Other than your dream to be a professional tennis player, do you have other career-interests?

JL: After my tennis career, I would like to go into sports marketing or media.

WH: We look forward to following what is sure to be an amazing tennis career ahead of you. Westchester will certainly be rooting for you! 


This Westchester Happening Kid spotlight is brought to you by SPORTIME, New York State’s leading tennis program and home to the John McEnroe Tennis Academy. With SPORTIME Harbor Island in Mamaroneck and the newly renovated SPORTIME Lake Isle opening fall, SPORTIME now offers 16 beautifulg indoor/outdoor soft surface tennis courts in lower Westchester within 15 minutes of each other. One low-priced membership provides access to and Membership Benefits at both facilities.

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