January Wellness Corner – Resolutions???

Norma LaVecchia, Fitness Expert

Westchester Happening welcomes you to our feature, the Westchester Wellness Corner! Our guest writer and fitness expert is certified personal trainer, Norma LaVecchia. Check in once or twice a month, as Norma gives us fitness tips, tidbits on healthy eating, and offers ways in which we can cut back on all the stress in our lives!

Is your New Year’s Resolution the same as last year…to get healthy and lose weight? Well, have you stopped indulging?  Are you still having some homemade “coquito” (Porto Rican eggnog) with half a Panettone? We over indulge on food. Sometimes we need comfort and find it in food. Other times, we don’t know what to eat and just sit on the couch.

As a result of eating incorrectly and living stationary lives, we gain weight and feel lousy. Every New Year’s Eve, we snap out of it and make that New Year’s Resolution. We join the gym. We are “so called” determined. We go for the week and…no more. Why? Well, we work all day. We have to pick up the kids, drive them around. We are tired. EXCUSES…EXCUSES…EXCUSES.

I’ve been there. I have given every excuse known to man. I know what it’s like to wake up and have to get the kids off to school.  Volunteer for this and that – Go to the office. Go to the store, cook, etc.  So even though I was a member at the gym and enjoyed the classes, I didn’t go. Not until I made the determined decision to lose weight and get healthy did I lose 50 pounds. By the way, 50lbs is the average weight of a 5 year old child.  I was carrying around another person with me!

What can help you keep that New Year’s Resolution THIS YEAR? Get a personal trainer. I give this advice as someone who tried to lose weight all her life and couldn’t. I joined this gym and that gym. I would lose 10lbs and that was it. Eventually, I gained it back. In 2008 I joined a gym once again, but this time I got a personal trainer.  And when I finally lost weight I decided to share my story to inspire and change lives…and thus, I joined the fitness industry.

Really, Really Good Reasons why you should get a Personal Trainer

  1. You don’t know how to start. You’ve made the decision to get healthy. Now what? How many times a week should you work out? How do you know if you are using the right amount of weight? Are you doing the exercise safely and effectively? What’s the difference between cardiovascular and resistance training? The questions go on and on. A personal trainer is not just there to count how many squats you do. Personal Trainers  teach, challenge and motivate. Maybe you just want to learn to exercise on your own. You can buy a few sessions to learn how to do it correctly.
  2. You want to exercise at home. You may have a gym at home and want to use it. You’re just not sure if you are using it correctly or getting the most out of your work out.  Some clients just feel more comfortable working out in the privacy for their own home. For others, the convenience of being home outweighs everything else. For example new moms.
  3. You are working out but not seeing the results you want. A personal trainer develops a program just for you so that you see results. They can teach and guide you to better choices. In each session you will learn how muscles work and which are the most effective exercises for each of them.
  4. You were losing weight but your body hit a plateau. This may be for a few reasons.
    1. Your body isn’t being challenged. Your routine can’t stay the same. Your program must progress. You should “overload” your muscles.
    2. It could be that you are mentally bored with your routine. How can you challenge yourself physically and mentally?
    3. What are you eating?

A good personal trainer will push you to the next level by encouraging and motivating you. This is constant work. You are not just being motivated during a session. A personal trainer may email or text you with encouraging words. You can also log on their web page, their Facebook page, or read their articles on their blogs, or on WestchesterHappening.com.:-)

  1. You have an injury or illness.  Experienced trainers will work with your doctor to create a program to help heal an injury, avoid or decrease heart disease, diabetes or arthritis.

Don’t just say you want to get fit and healthy. Do it this year.  Being healthy outweighs everything. Why deal with knee and back pain, hypertension, diabetes or even cancer. And how about just looking and feeling really good, right? Make that leap to a new, better, healthier 2012. The right personal trainer can help you on your journey to success.


Norma LaVecchia, training a client


Norma La Vecchia is a Personal Trainer, Group X-AFAA Certified, and an instructor for ZUMBA (basic, toning, aqua). Find her at www.facebook.com/normalavecchiafitness.


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