Sweet Treats with a Side of Gorgeous Views

By Christine Pasqueralle
When I think of summer, I think of cool, tasty treats. For me, the perfect summer treat is gelato. Containing less air and less butterfat than ice cream, gelato is denser and richer than traditional ice cream.  It reminds me of my honeymoon in Italy two summers ago where my husband and I indulged our gelato cravings at least once, sometimes twice a day. So when Lighthouse Ice Cream Kompanies (LICKS) opened last summer in Tarrytown, I couldn’t wait to try it – and I don’t think I had to twist my husband’s arm either.

A gorgeous setting to LICK a tasty treat

We’ve been talking about going back this summer, so last Tuesday night, we revisited Lighthouse and sampled some of their tasty gelato offerings. Situated at the Hudson Harbor, Lighthouse is steps away from the Riverwalk along the Hudson River, and boasts a beautiful plaza with outdoor seating – transporting me back to the piazzas of Rome (without the dizzying crowds!)

Lighthouse was founded by Joe Slakas, whose love of cooking and making ice cream at home inspired him to take his passion to a larger audience.  When we stepped into Lighthouse, we were greeted by the friendly staff and a rainbow of handmade gelato flavors awaiting us. They have a large rotating list of flavors and on this night some of the offerings included: Limon Cella, Strawberry Cheesecake, Chili Chocolate and Pistachio.

Choices of cones and toppings abound with everything from chocolate-dipped waffle cones, M&M’s, Reece’s Pieces and house-made granola.

I decided on a cup of the Biscotti flavor. I chose to keep it simple – no toppings for me, as not to mask the flavors. The gelato had a mellow vanilla base with a light almond flavor – reminiscent of the famous Italian cookie. It was rich, creamy and smooth in texture and just the thing for the warm evening.  My husband decided on Chocolate in a cone with chocolate sprinkles.  Of course I had to sample a bite of his and it was just as delicious as mine.

We took our loot outside and sat near the fountain in the center of the square. It was such a beautiful night that we then made our way to the Riverwalk to take in the spectacular views of the Hudson.

A stunning view of the Hudson River from the Lighthouse Ice Cream Kompany (LICK)

Lighthouse doesn’t just serve gelato and ice cream. They also offer specialty coffees and teas, pastries, smoothies, soups and other items made with the highest quality ingredients sourced from the area’s top purveyors.  The ice cream and gelato is made in-house with farm fresh, organic dairy from Battenkill Creamery – providing a creamy, fresh taste and texture.

Visiting Lighthouse is not only an experience for the taste buds but also for all of your senses. Grab a cone, take a stroll by the water and transport yourself back to a simpler, tranquil time.

Small cups and cones run $3.50. You can try samples before you make your final decision.

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