For this local Makeup Artist, Beauty is never Skin Deep

Makeup Artist Phyliss Ciafone

For Eastchester resident and celebrity Makeup Artist, Phyliss Ciafone, beauty starts from within.  We sat down with this gorgeous mom of three boys recently for some coffee and girl talk, to find out more about her profession, what’s new in her life, and her philosophy on beauty.

Phyliss started out life in a traditional career path.  Her love of color and creativity began when she was small, but like many of us, she chose to pursue an education, and went into nursing.  After 15 years as a registered nurse, she felt it was time to move on and go after her true career path…and her true spiritual journey.

Over the last several years, Ciafone has grown both professionally, and personally.  Her CV is very impressive.  She has now been a professional makeup artist for over 15 years!  Her formal training was with the legendary houses of Giorgio Armani and YSL, and she is currently a national celebrity artist for both Armani and YSL with clientele including Cindy Crawford, Kelly Ripa, Megan Fox, and Natalie Distler to name a few.  Her work has been published in Bridal and Fashion Magazines, such as Modern Bride, Maxim and Westchester Magazine among others, and she has been showcased on TV and Film.  But her most recent venture is directly tied to Westchester.  Ciafone is the Lead Makeup Artist and hair stylist for the new reality TV series, “The Working Wives of Westchester”!!  And don’t just think that consumer beauty is in her bag…she can do magic with Halloween makeup as well!

Working Wives of Westchester

Phyliss works out of a studio in Scarsdale.  Her services include makeup application, cosmetics, waxing and specialty hair services such as extensions (fusion and non-fusion) and she is also certified in Semi-Permanent eyelash extensions.  Her Studio hosts a team of freelance hair and makeup stylists to assist her with special events and instructional classes.  In addition to offering makeup instruction out of her Scarsdale location, she created a “Makeup 101” course curriculum for the SoNo Academy of Cosmetology in South Norwalk, Connecticut, where she will also be the course instructor.  In the near future, she will be working out of yet another Connecticut studio, and will be publishing her first book!

With all of this in her pocket (as if it were not enough), Phyliss says there is another huge reason why people choose her over other professional and celebrity makeup artists.  Phyliss strongly believes that beauty comes from within.  According to her “I can cake on as much makeup as possible, but if a person is negative, ugly on the inside, or hurting from within, the true beauty cannot be enhanced by the cosmetics.”  If you look at the testimonials on her website, several of them point out her personality in addition to her skill as an artist.  Phyliss has not only been on a path to seeking creative cosmetic beauty, but has an innate gift for bringing out a person’s inner beauty.  Ciafone says “my path is what propels me forward and inspires me to create and remain positive for my clients – what sets me apart from the grand makeup artist population is my ability to pull someone’s inner beauty to the surface by tapping into their spiritual structure, where I firmly believe the true beauty lives.”  Ciafone says that it has only been through spiritual connection and divine intervention, that she has overcome some of the greatest trials of her life, and feels that she can help her clients to do the same.  Her philosophy that “once any pain or cloud has been diffused within, inner light and beauty becomes the reflection of what is seen on the outside…then celebrated by me with complimentary color and texture” is why she is able to achieve a masterpiece with every client.  Phyliss backs up her beliefs by teaming up with other professionals, and offers these referrals for everything from weight loss guidance to spiritual counseling.   If Oprah is the Queen of the New Age, Ciafone may very well be the makeup artist for the enlightened!

It was such a calming and wonderful experience to sit down with this local artist of inner and outer beauty.  We enjoyed it so much, that we asked to be part of some of her future ventures.  Be on the look out for a bi-monthly column from Ciafone, and yes!  A contest for a makeover is in the works!!  To find Phyliss and set up your own appointment for beautification, you can call her at (914)224-8505 or you can email her at [email protected].

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