Making Your Home Energy Efficient

Your home is constantly using energy, from the fridge and the dishwasher to the air conditioner and lights. Electric bills are becoming a growing consideration when homeowners purchase new appliances. Going green is a sensible way to save money, and better yourself and the environment.

Making your home eco-friendly doesn’t have to cost you and arm and a leg. Read the following tips to make going green in your home a smooth process:

  • Insulate your home. Drafty doors let the cool air escape your home in the summer, causing your AC to run overtime to maintain the cool temperature. Weather strip and seal your doors and windows to save energy.
  • Change your light bulbs to LEDs (light emitting diodes) or CFls (compact fluorescent lamp). These bulbs use less energy and last up to ten times longer than regular bulbs, saving you money on your electric bill and the hassle of changing them.
  • Replace your old windows with high-efficiency windows. Insulating glass should be used to minimize heat and cold from entering your home. Energy efficient windows are thick and serve their purpose, tolerating weather conditions and cracks. This will significantly improve your heating and cooling costs, making the windows pay for themselves.
  • Turn down your hot water heater. In most homes, the water heater is on all the time. Try turning it down about twenty degrees. You won’t feel a difference in the change, and for every ten degree reduction, you will notice a reduction in energy costs.
  • Replace your air conditioner filters. Dirty filters block air flow, which costs you more to run the system. Keeping the filters clean will lower your unit’s use of electricity.

Energy efficient home improvements add value to your home. Remodeling can feel like a fresh and healthy start, and eco-friendly home renovations save you money and improve your carbon footprint.

If remodeling your home is something you feel that you cannot handle alone, call the eco-friendly professional home remodelers Power Home Remodeling Group at 888.REMODEL (888-736-6335).


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