November Wellness Corner – “Don’t Touch Those Buns”!

Westchester Happening welcomes you to our feature, the Westchester Wellness Corner!  Our guest writer and fitness expert is certified personal trainer, Norma LaVecchia.  Check in once or twice a month, as Norma gives us fitness tips, tidbits on healthy eating, and offers ways in which we can cut back on all the stress in our lives!

Holiday food can pack on the pounds!

Temptations happen all the time, but so much more during the holidays.  Those buns so firm and sweet…oh boy! Yes, you guessed it.  I’m talkin’ about the food at the holiday parties.   It’s great to see family and friends!  I can already taste my cousin Stephanie’s cookies and Aunt Amy’s homemade pizza. I can’t wait to have the special punch my best friend Adriana makes…yummy.  BUT what to do if one wants to stay on the journey to better health or just wants to look and feel better?  I have 7 weapons to help.


  1. Do a kick butt cardio workout the day of the party.  Some ideas are Spin, Kickboxing, Cardio Pump or Zumba.   Anything that makes you sweat.  When temptation hits think about how hard you worked that day.  That feeling of accomplishment will always feel better than 10 cookies.
  2. Avoid Stress. I know it’s easier said than done, but there are ways to manage stress without putting potato chips and dip in your mouth.  Besides going to the gym you can go to the spa.  Get  a pedicure or a 10 minute massage.
  3. Have a light and healthy lunch or dinner before you go to the party. This way you’re satisfied and it’s easier to control your temptation.
  4. Wear tight pants. Your pants will tell you “ok buddy…put the biscuits down”
  5. Serve yourself on a small dish.  You already had a healthy lunch/dinner so at the party grab an appetizer dish. If a small dish isn’t available then take small portions.
  6. Avoid Alcohol and drink lots of water. Cocktails have many empty calories.  You can alternate one cocktail, then two glasses of water. Put a lemon in your glass to jazz it up with flavor! You can also volunteer to be the designated driver.
  7. Contact your exercise buddy or personal trainer for support. One of the advantages about a personal trainer is the support you get even when you are not training. You can also go on to their Facebook/web page and read the inspiring message of the week.

If you happen to  “fall off the wagon” don’t give up!  Don’t say “oh well, I already had two pieces of Nana’s cake.  One more won’t hurt”.  STOP, take a deep breath, and step away from the cake.   Think about how hard you worked out in Norma’s Zumba class.  How good it felt when you slipped into those smaller size jeans!  Learn from your mistake and continue on your journey to better health.   Remember only you can do this for you!

Norma La Vecchia is a Personal Trainer, Group X-AFAA Certified, and an instructor for ZUMBA (basic, toning, aqua).  Find her at



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