The Real (and sometimes Desperate) Houswife of Westchester

What’s it like being a Real Housewife in Westchester County? Follow our column with our REAL HOUSEWIFE as she takes us on her daily (mis)adventures.  The kids, the laundry, the craziness and yes, even all the rewards!

I read somewhere that they started filming the version of The Real Housewives right here in Westchester. I would imagine that it would not be hard to find some very rich and good looking women in Westchester County. What I can be sure of is that they will not be knocking on my door anytime soon. I suppose I could flip a table if I had to, I can get as snarky as the rest of them, I do throw occasional temper tantrums (of course they are in response to my 4 year old and not my lady friends) and if you fed me enough Pinot Grigio I could undoubtedly look as crazy as Ramona.  But I doubt the American viewing populace would be thrilled with my day to day occurrences.

I suppose the real casting dilemma as I see it is that I don’t “Lunch” very often. Have you noticed that? The Bravo ladies seem to be constantly eating …and drinking LARGE glasses of wine. Don’t get me wrong. I love to eat. An occasional Pinot doesn’t hurt either. And for that matter, most of my gal pals here in WC enjoy eating good meals as well. However, since we rarely eat sitting down, or with adults for that matter, I think we would not really draw high ratings.

The way I see it, there certainly are ladies in Westchester County that live in grandiose homes, have hair/make-up budgets that are larger than my Con Ed bill during a heat wave, and have “staff” that run their lives for them. But they aren’t anyone that I hang with. I travel in a wide variety of circles and have friends here in WC from every phase of my own life and from nearly every walk of life. However, even the wealthiest of my friends don’t parade around in stilettos to bring their children to school and they certainly don’t whisk their best buddies away to Morocco for a “girl get away”.

What would it look like if the Bravo Network followed me and my friends around? Well for starters, there would be many more episodes featuring our kids. No matter if my friends are struggling financially or rolling in dough, we all have a true and undying commitment to our children and all of their activities. During the summer the camera crew would have to endure endless swim meets and hours of summer baseball games. During the fall and winter months they would watch the repetitive trips to schools to run book fairs and holiday activities.  While Bravo’s ladies are perfectly coiffed, some of my associates have been known to drive kids to school in PJs.  Most of the time, my friends and I have remembered to dye our roots and wash our faces. Many of us even manage to apply some basics; like concealer, mascara, and lip gloss if we are lucky. However, I guarantee there would be many more days in season 1 when we had our hair pulled into a pony tail, then all of the episodes of all to the RHW franchises combined.

What we probably have in common though is the endless fundraising and charity events. No. Not the high society kind that the “other” housewives participate in… We aren’t going to be found hosting black tie affairs or high teas, but we do run Galas (to benefit our children’s school) and have even been known to have front seats to Fashion Shows. You know, like the kind that features American Girl Dolls and their fashionista owners, AKA our daughters. (Also to benefit our children’s schools)

And while there may be some similarities between the groups, I think that there is one cataclysmically huge difference. Unlike our TV counterparts, we are truly friends. We weren’t thrown together in casting calls or added in for more drama. We have come together through our neighborhoods, places of worship and our children’s activities. We share the driving. We drop off gallons of milk during a storm and pedialyte during a vicious outbreak of a stomach bug. We call when we hear of a sick parent or a troubled teen. We make meals when there has been a birth or death in the family and we babysit for each other so that we can get to our “yearly” appointments. In its truest definition we are REAL.

So while I look forward to meeting a new group of Bravo’s finest and all the mindless dribble that comes with it, I hope that the only “real” drama that occurs in my life is during a play date. While I may indulge in the guilty pleasure of following a group of gorgeous, perfectly put together women around, I know that real beauty is found in my friends’ laughter.  The women selected may have wealth beyond measure but I know my greatest richness has been my family and my friends, and with fortune like that I can weather any storm!  And that, my friends…is reality we all can live with.

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