Suds Up for Charity!

A month or so back, we introduced you to Kalliste Soap Shop in Scarsdale and its enchanting owner, Marie Labropoulos.  We were taken by Marie, and her handmade soaps, created from ages-old Greek recipes.  While her soaps are a far (and better!) cry from the little bars of soap most of us have experienced in various hotels, she is now embracing those little bars in a charitable way.

Do you ever wonder what happens to those bars of soap after guest use them in hotel bathrooms all over the world?  Do the hotel cleaning staff throw them away?   Well, enter Global Soap Project…a charity that reprocesses and distributes slightly used hotel bars to communities in Afghanistan, Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon and Swaziland.  The reprocessed soap prevents millions of avoidable deaths due to poor hygiene (yes, everything “they” tell you about handwashing is true.  Its VERY important).  To date, 75 tons of those little used bars of soap has been saved and re-distributed on a global scale.  Handwashing helps to avoid thousands of diseases caused by poor hygiene. 

Labropoulos and Kalliste Soap Shop is joining in Global Soap Project’s (GSP) ongoing efforts and is kicking off its collaboration by hosting a Cocktail Party to raise awareness and money for GSP.

“The resourcefulness of this project is remarkable. We are behind them 100% and will do whatever we can to help.” says Labropoulos.  As part of its ongoing contribution to GSP, Kalliste Soap Shop will introduce a new scented bar, Bar of Hope, as part of its collection of gourmet, organic, and vegan handmade soaps and will be donating 50% of the profits to GSP.  “I’m really excited about the opportunity GSP gives us to help out those less fortunate, and eager to play a role in eradicating preventable disease around the world,” says Labropoulos.

The event will be held on August 11th, 2011 starting, 5:30pm till 8:00pm at Kalliste’s retail store on 30 Garth Rd., Scarsdale, NY 10583.  So, head on over, get some amazing new, handmade soap, and take a very small step that will have beneficial, global effects.  Amazing how a little bar of soap can do that, isn’t it??

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