A Wicked Good Time: Dueling Pianos in White Plains

Looking to shake up your nightlife routine? Wicked Wolf‘s new Dueling Piano Show, the first of it’s kind in White Plains, may be just the event you’ve been looking for. Grab some dollar bills, memorize the words of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” (if you haven’t already, that is), grab a group of friends, and prepare for a good time!

So where did dueling pianos come from anyway?

Literal “dueling pianos” can be traced back to as early as the late 1890s, when ragtime piano players would actually “duel” in an effort to see who could play better and faster. In 1933, when B.H. O’Brien and Charlie Cantrell opened Pat O’Brien’s Bar in New Orleans, they included a room where 2 piano players would entertain the crowd on copper-topped baby grand pianos. Players would take turns singing songs requested by the audience, written on cocktail napkins.[1]

In 1986, a piano bar called Dallas Alley (aka “Alley Cats”) opened in Dallas as an attempt to copy the piano bar style of New Orleans. Players at this club started redefining the style of dueling pianos by playing more contemporary rock and roll music, coupled with humorous bits that involved lyric substitutions and audience participation. These “bits” would become commonplace at many dueling piano clubs over the years, as a staple of the industry. There are currently over 300 different clubs across the United States!

You can catch a show every Friday and Saturday from 9pm until1:30am.

Wicked Wolf is located at 166 Mamaroneck Avenue  White Plains, NY 10601

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