The Ballroom Thieves live in Hastings-on-Hudson!


The Ballroom Thieves take the sincere, narrative blueprint of folk music and infuse it their own original twist, accompanying it with unmistakable talent and perfect harmonies. Formed in 2011 this trio, comprised of Martin Earley (guitar, vocals), Devin Mauch (percussion, vocals) and Calin Peters (cello, vocals) has been garnering regional and national acclaim for both of their releases to date, 2012’s The Devil And The Deep, and 2013’s self-titled EP.

Self described as “rock disguised as folk” their originality will surprise you as they play romping folk music accompanied by emotive vocals, soaring cello, and powerful drum beats. Truly a high-energy rock trio performing under the guise of well-crafted, emotionally sincere folk, the Thieves have released two well-received EPs since getting their start three years ago. They remind of many popular folk and bluegrass bands of the moment, but make comparison difficult, as NPR stated: “They kind of sound like…no…actually they don’t really sound like anyone but themselves… Great musicianship, tight harmonies, unique instrumentation, and loads of energy are getting them noticed outside their Boston home.”

To date, The Ballroom Thieves have been nominated for Roots Artist of the Year by The New England Music Awards and Folk Artist of the Year by The Boston Music Awards. They have received press from local blog luminaries such as Allston Pudding, who said of the Thieves live performance, “The intensity and passion The Ballroom Thieves had for the songs they delivered- it was hard to believe it was just three of them.” The Thieves have begun to branch out from New England, touring around the country with well-known bands such as The Lone Bellow, Dispatch, Railroad Earth and Houndmouth, among others.

The Ballroom Thieves come to The Purple Crayon on January 17th, 8pm-10pm.

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