Bhangra Band Unites People through the Language of Music

bhangra Band

Red Baraat, a quickly rising sensation and a full-on party in the form of an 8-piece band, only formed in 2008. In those 5 years, their fusion of Indian bhangra rhythms with other musical styles like jazz, funk and hip-hop has made them into global stars. The band’s high-energy live performances are hailed as some of the best around, drawing on the combination of genres to create an experience that brings joy and excitement to audiences all around the world.

To date, Red Baraat has played a bevy of impressive venues, from the White House, to Google’s offices, to the Paralympic Games, not to mention acclaimed music venues worldwide. Despite their impressive history of performances, the band maintains a fondness for playing shows for everyday listeners in clubs and at festivals, inspiring everyone to come together, dance and experience a collective of musicians that truly enjoy playing together and sharing their talents with an audience.

Red Baraat performed locally at The Purple Crayon’s launch party in 2011, where several hundred locals were blown away by the performance. The band connects to the mission of The Purple Crayon’s live series, encouraging listeners to “[be] expressive, just [be] yourself”, and looking to create “interaction” and engagement between themselves and the audience.

Red Baraat brings their show back to The Purple Crayon on Saturday, January 25th, 2014. Tickets are on sale for $18; ticket purchase and more information can be found at

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