Children of the 80’s – Unite!

Does the phrase “back in the day” bring to mind big hair, skinny ties, jazz shoes and neon jewelry?  Or…do you get all steamy-eyed when you hear a DeVo song?  Well…then we have a tidbit for you.  Mark your calendar for June 25, and get yourself to the VFW hall on North Washington Street in Sleepy Hollow.

Once there, you will be transferred back to circa 1985 with the Westchester/Putnam Bands Reunion.  You can dance along to some of your favorite tunes as we reunite some of Westchester’s best Punk/New Wave bands of the eighties.  The line up includes The King Pins, The Latest, The Norm, Snapshots and The Various Things.

So, whether you were a child of the eighties, or just someone who enjoys watching the “older folk” act like teenagers, come party like its 1999!!

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