Deep Discussion Hosted By Scarsdale Public Library

At the end of 2012, the Scarsdale Library hosted the first of a two-part discussion with Dr. Caren Baruch-Feldman entitled “The Science of Bad Habits and Willpower”. In the first session, Dr. Baruch-Feldman reviewed the latest research surrounding the struggle to make New Year’s Resolutions you will keep. In part two of the workshop taking place on March 1 at 10:30 A.M., participants will again focus on eating and weight-management. However, the library would like to stress that this seminar is not only for people who are struggling with weight-loss.


Dr. Baruch-Feldman comments, “Anyone who is interested in being more mindful about healthy eating and maintaining good health and fitness would benefit from my lecture. In addition, many of the ideas we will discuss can be applied to other habits as well.” Maintaining new habits and building willpower are not just behaviors for dieting, Dr. Baruch-Feldman maintains, and she is looking forward to sharing the secrets of her recent success with losing weight and the habits she has developed to keep it off. She will further explore how these practices can also benefit many other common struggles, including increasing patience as a parent, or becoming more efficient in the morning.

Dr. Baruch-Feldman has given numerous exciting and interactive workshops to children and adults. The workshops are interactive and participants leave with strategies that they can incorporate into their lives. Eileen Corbett, a participant in the first part of Dr. Baruch-Feldman’s workshop at the library, said that it was “a real success.” She further noted, “Some of the 50 people in attendance for the lecture told me that they enjoyed the fact that they walked away with practical suggestions on how to proceed in everyday life. Many, including myself, felt that the session gave them new ways to think about things.”

Dr. Baruch-Feldman has provided many in-services and presentations. Topics of other recent conversations that Dr. Baruch-Feldman has led include Understanding Psychological Evaluations; Functional Behavioral Assessment and BIPs; Executive Functioning; Helping the Disorganized Student; Stress and Anxiety in the Life of Your Child; How You Think Affects How You Feel; Effective CBT Strategies for School-Age Children; Camp Counselor Training; What My Dog Brandy Has Taught Me about Working with Children; and SAFE DOGGY PROGRAM.

Elizabeth Bermel, director of the Scarsdale Library said, “We are pleased to welcome Dr. Baruch-Feldman back to the Scarsdale Library this March! The turnout for her first seminar was larger than we anticipated, and we have received positive feedback from many who attended.”

Participants are encouraged to read The Beck Diet Solution: Train Your Brain to Think Like a Thin Person by Judith Beck prior to the lecture.

Anyone interested in attending the discussion series may register online at or call the Reference Desk at 914-733-1300 ext. 2.

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