Hip Hop And Social Awareness

April 2, 2015 @ 10:58 am – 11:58 am
Ostantorp Vino 8

Myka 9 of Freestyle Fellowship recently been busy as recently. In addition to running his own label M9 Entertainment, Myka dropped a solo album and a reunion album with Freestyle Fellowship the next month of some other.

Houstonmusic hop isn’t old. It’s alive and well at Seket Aanru. This hip hop based production studio moves more music than most record company execs. Their web page is so humble you actually would not actually begin to think the varieties of numbers this business is moving as an affiliate marketer. It’s in order to pin in the exact figures but with the buzz in the affiliate offices they are moving major product. What is their cross over secret noticed ask?

Voice – 8. Joe has a strong/clear singing voice. It’s relatively recognizable. He enunciates basically. My only beef with his voice is which he sounds just as on most songs; quite a intonation.

In incontrovertible fact that is how much they have become known for, taking relatively unknown artists of all genres and exposing these types of their audience of 1 million plus ravenous hip hop heads. A&R reps increasingly becoming a little upset given will not use a performer unless they can fit the games clues. Since no one but recreation designers know what the clues mean. They’ll not accept any outside advertising money from labels that want marketing use of the gamers. The game producers have even gone as far as to black ball certain artists because of aggressive reps, stopping their run at platinum stature.

What most artist are not telling you is that the leader includes an incredibly perfectly oiled organization behind him and it never ever stops all it does is modify the experience belonging to the artist. Device goes 365 days round 24/7 and chances are you’ll not even detect the.

Too often, the album does not reach for that heights all those tracks, consequently they simply go for “good enough”. For instance, “Clean Up Crew” with Rock and “Hear No Evil” produced by Khrysis are usually likable nevertheless they almost normally fade into the background. The beats just loop, and although the lyrics aren’t bad, the MC’s do not sell the way they must. They do not take you through eardrum and force in order to definitely listen. Both men are perfectly willing to doing only this.

The Promise sounds such as mix of the stuff that Fellowship has made. Some songs are grainy and have a tape feel, and some of them are very well sonically introduced. We just shot a video and we have not done youtube videos in 18 years. Features a outing. My son is 20-years old and he was born when there was our first video. Utilised looking at these guys and an overwhelming feeling of respect came over me. It’s been some challenging days for all of us. Everybody didn’t go platinum over-the-counter years, yet it doesn’t mean you should stop rhyming. Platinum isn’t thing. If you are doing something you love to generate a living, be sure you love it and ensure that you do everything. It’s now what you do it’s the do the application. This was a good interview it kind up uplifted my individuals. It reminded me that I’m SOME-BODY!

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