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We are always on the lookout for fabulous people, activities and businesses here in Westchester.  Recently, we came across Michelle Pabon-Rodriguez and her business called “These 2 Hands”.  We were so impressed with Michelle, her story, and her dynamic business that we asked her to tell us her story, and give us a few tips! Welcome to Michelle!

My name is Michelle and I’m 30 years old. I’m a mother of 2 beautiful boys; Mikey who is 8, and Maddox, almost 2…and a wife to my best friend of 15 years, Michael.  We call ourselves The M.Rods.  I grew up in Brooklyn and slowly but surely migrated up to Westchester (LOVE IT HERE!).  I started working at the young age of 14 years old and by 16 years old I was an assistant manager for a girlie boutique in Manhattan.  I created displays and storefront windows with store merchandise and would receive tons of compliments – not to mention, new customers!  I am extremely creative and have a passion for creating beautiful visuals —  whether it’s a paper craft, candy station, DIY, organizing a mess into a beautiful arrangement or just putting together a “great feeling” room.  My goal in life is to always have people enjoy what their eyes are seeing/ can see.   I attended college and studied Visual Merchandising.  Shortly afterwards, I was hired at The Tommy Hilfiger Home Showroom on 6th Avenue – this is where I gained most of my ‘hands on’ experience.
I’ve always had guests at parties say “You should really consider doing this for a living”.  Guests in my home have remarked, “You should come decorate my place” and the funniest thing is having people watch me organize.  They are fascinated by how much “stuff” I can fit into a small space….I like to compare my organizing skills to the game of Tetris!
Over the years I’ve had people approach me with business concepts, but they never followed through. Time and time again, I would find myself waiting on someone else, only to realize “it” was never going to happen.  I got tired of waiting on others and decided to take matters into my own hands (literally).  I’ve always executed my projects with “These 2 Hands” and thus the name of my business was born!  Shortly after, a good friend of mine, Laura Melissa Scalere, advised her husband G Fella (who my husband manages) that she was going to be coordinating an event that would be a platform for all of us ladies (Laura Melissa, Lisa aka “Lee”, Danielle “Dee”Colucci and yours truly) to showcase our talents. At this point I ordered my business cards and started taking steps to make my dream a reality. Why sit on a talent and not share it with the world? And so the journey began….I did not want to focus on one thing, for example just parties.  So I decided to offer party styling, organization and interior design services.
When it comes to organizing, my goal is to create an affordable system that works and is easily maintained.  There are several storage solutions that can serve dual purposes, for example taking that old paper towel holder- with a little spray paint you’ve got yourself a new bracelet holder.


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Taking things and giving them new life, reusing things in a smart way! Nowadays, people are trying to be smart with their resources.  I encourage people to do so in a fab way!  When we enjoy the spaces we are in, we tend to feel happier in general, and who doesn’t love that?
I’m very much into DIY’s, look what I did to my living room!
Now throwing a fabulous party does not have to break the bank!! I like to make things look like a million bucks with spending a fraction of that!  It excites me to save money!  With a little imagination and creativity you can go a long way! Anything that These 2 Hands can create will allow me to bring your vision of your dream party to life!  I like to add the extra touch with small handmade details.  So I create personalized water bottles, treat bags, banners, goodie bags, favors, candy tables, customized chocolates (ie. The lego party) …you name it!
I’ve styled baby showers, themed parties, adult and children’s birthday parties, graduation parties, dinner parties and soon will be working on a wedding! So far I’ve been the primary creator of most of the items that go on the candy/ sweet tables but as business picks up I’m sure I’ll start creating new business relationships.  I work out of my home office in Pelham and I cover the tri-state area, NY, NJ & CT….I just received an inquiry from PA so that may change soon!
Graduation season is right around the corner and a great way to add a little spark to your party is by customizing everything! For example, chances are you’ll purchase a few cases of bottled water for everyone to help themselves to, right? Well why not add that extra little touch by adding caps on each water bottle!?
It’s a simple DIY-
Take blue cardstock or construction paper, cut a few squares (large enough to sit on top of the bottle cap and cover it) then cut a few strips of paper to wrap around the cap, glue the pieces on then add a piece of  thread, paper or fabric to look like a tassel and Ta Da – You’ve got graduation bottle caps!  These are the little touches that make a party special and that everyone appreciates!  If you can, take things you’ll already be using and add small touches to personalize them, like a picture or a graduation seal .
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Notarial seals in gold, $4.17 for 44 at
Another great example, if you’re giving out boxed party favors, adorn each box with a tassel!  It’s a fun touch that everyone can appreciate.
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Another tip- wrap your napkins with a tassel.  A great party is all in the small details!
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Mother’s Day is also right around the corner.  Now you have some tips on how to make it special.  Here is a link for free Mother’s day printables perfect for that Mothers day brunch or dinner
There’s something to be said for things that are handmade.  Anyone can go out and buy a gift or decorations for a party….but when its been handmade, it says you put your time, thought and love into it! I’m sure for most, that goes a long way!
Here are some other great ideas for Mother’s Day or Fathers Day-
Great Idea for a Father's Day Gift!!
image credit- www.
Really great Father's Day idea!
This would be a great gift from husband to wife….or should I say father to mother-
a picture of your child with a clock stopped at the time they were born!

Clocks are stopped on the times of your  kids birth...such a cute idea!
My website is currently under construction- but will be up in running in no time!  If you or anyone you know is having a party, let These 2 Hands make their vision become a reality! Let These 2 Hands be the solution for all your home and party needs!  Be sure to follow me on Facebook- and follow me on Pinterest-!
[box] Michelle Rodriguez, founder of These 2 Hands….Let These 2 Hands be the solution to all your home and party needs![/box]
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