Happy Anniversary, Mrs. Why-Knot!

Way back when…when WH was in its toddler-hood, we introduced you to a new pal of ours, Ms. Why-Knot. Oh, she offered up all sorts of advice to other couples in the planning stages of their weddings.  And little by little, we got to know her.  We were lucky enough to share in her joy, as she went from being Ms. Why-Knot to a Mrs!!  Now, she is really all grown up, and we would like to wish her a very happy first anniversary!!  This week, the Mrs. Why-Knot blog turns one!

To help her celebrate, we thought we might sit and chat about the past year…as Ms. turned into a Mrs….and get a re-cap on what makes this blog (and blogger Jenn Puja) tick!

WH:  You started Mrs. Why Knot a year ago (as a Ms., soon to be a Mrs.). What exactly prompted you to start blogging about the wedding planning process, with all the wedding blogs already out there?
MRS. WHY-KNOT:  My wedding hair trial was the first day my vision of Mrs. Why Knot came to life. As I sat and got my hair done, my hairstylist was telling me how she began blogging about tips and tricks related to hair for her clients. I had mentioned how much I love to write but had no idea where to even begin a blog. By the time the last curl was sprayed into place, it all came together. I was ready to set off on my own journey and begin a blog built around something I love – wedding planning! Regardless of the very many wedding sites and blogs out there, I wanted to scream from the rooftops my own wedding inspirations and ideas. I also wanted a blog where women could be inspired before, during and after they got married. I devote my blog to my readers and found that sharing my own planning process helped other brides’ seek sanity and creativity with their own ‘big day!’

The “Ms.” waiting to be the “Mrs.”

WH:  Planning a wedding is time consuming enough. How did you go about fitting your blog into your already-hectic life?

MRS. WHY-KNOT:  It was and still is my sweet escape – my go-to unwinding hobby. It is absolutely something that I look forward to making the time to do. As crazy and hectic as my life got while planning my wedding or even now, I love setting aside time to brainstorm and create. Plenty of times I will be flooded with ideas, jot them down or put them in my ‘notes’ section of my phone then go back to them and elaborate at another time. Remember something: no one has time for anything in life – you have to make the time for the things you truly love to do!

Happily Engaged! (photo courtesy of Josh Lynn Photography)

WH:  In the process of picking vendors for your own wedding, do you feel that blogging about the whole thing made you more of a “discerning” customer?
MRS. WHY-KNOT:  I definitely did my homework, that’s for sure! When choosing my vendors I wanted to be able to recommend them highly to Mrs. Why Knot fans and my family and friends. It is so helpful to have raw and honest advice. Luckily I had great experiences with my vendors that I continue to tell brides-to-be about those experiences and recommend the ones I used hands down! I also feature vendors on my blog as part of my feature Friday posts which help reach out to more and more potential customers. This gives the future Mrs. a snapshot of various companies while they compile their list of who they want to find out more about!

The Happy, Married couple! (photo courtesy of Josh Lynn Photography)

WH:  When, in the course of your first year, did you start receiving positive feedback from soon-to-be brides, and how did that make you feel?

MRS. WHY-KNOT:  At first I can remember being out one night and someone I hadn’t seen in a while was talking about Mrs. Why Knot. While blushing I told her it was me. At the time, my about me tab wasn’t published yet and I was in the earliest stages of posting so many people didn’t make the connection. I continue to get excited to hear someone say something about the site, especially the blog and how it has inspired them or someone they know. That is what it’s all about!

WH:  What has been the most rewarding part of creating your blog, and watching it grow from Ms. Why Knot to Mrs. Why Knot?
MRS. WHY-KNOT:  The most rewarding part is the feedback that I receive from Ms. and Mrs. – simple emails thanking me for suggestions or comments from professionals I have networked with. When someone I know tells me that their friend ‘loves Mrs. Why Knot’ or ‘checks the site all the time’ definitely makes it all worthwhile. I love the input from others and I thrive on having a blog that isn’t all about me but one that is about all of the brides in Westchester and beyond. If I am reaching out and making even the smallest part of their process a bit easier than it is rewarding! In addition, I am thankful to have an amazingly supportive husband on board with my blog – and he was also a driving force in bringing to life my idea of the Mrs. Why Knot Bracelet which is equally rewarding to me.

Happy wife, Happy life!

WH:  How do you see your blog growing in the future? Will you expand into parenting issues as your marriage and life grows? Or will you always remain dedicated to the Brides out there?
MRS. WHY-KNOT:  As far as I can see – there is always room for expansion as far as the Mrs. Why Knot brand and blog. However, this idea was created by me in my bridal planning days and those are days I get to relive as I continue to blog for brides – so no worries, Mrs. Why Knot bridal blogging won’t be going anywhere. As far as the addition of parenting issues being added…I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when I go from Mrs. to Mommy!

Thank you to all of the Mrs. Why Knot fans for your feedback, support and most of all, love over the past 365 days! You have inspired me to continue to grow my blog and the Mrs. Why Knot brand and I am forever grateful. So…sit tight and stay tuned to see what’s next…why knot?!

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