Hey Neighbor! Jeremy LIN is moving IN!

Jeremy Lin, courtesy of ABC News

Oh yeah…you have been hearing that name a LOT lately.  Lin, Lin, Lin.  LINtastic!  Jeremy Lin is a sensation in the basketball world these days, and he is making New Yorkers proud once again of their home team, the NY Knicks.

The Knicks have very close ties to Westchester.  Their training facility is right here in Greenburgh.  And now…their favorite point guard will be moving in, and up!  Jeremy Lin is an Asian-American who hails from California.  He is young and fresh, 23 years old and single!  And, he will no longer be sleeping on his brother’s couch.  Lin will be moving into a two bedroom apartment on the 20th floor of the Trump Tower at City Center in White Plains.  He will be subletting it from owner and former Knick, David Lee, sources say.  The apartment is well suited to the 6’3″ Lin, since it has 9′ ceilings, and also boasts marble bathrooms and beautiful hardwood floors.  And the view?  Well…at that height, you can see right down to Manhattan in the distance!  Just stunning!

Lin will be able to stay in top condition, as Trump Tower has outdoor basketball courts, both an indoor and outdoor pool, and state of the art spa and gym.  And Jeremy will only have a ten minute commute to the Knicks training facility up the road a bit.

An apartment at Trump Tower, courtesy of Cappelli Enterprises

Lee and Lin won’t be the only Knicks players to have lived in that apartment.  Apparently, Amar’e Stoudemire lived there too, before moving to a swanky location in Manhattan.

The Trump Tower brings high prices, but don’t worry too much.  We are sure Lin can afford the $3,800 monthly rent on his $800,000 annual salary…and still have money left over to patronize all the restaurants, shops and night spots in White Plains!

So…if you see Jeremy Lin out and about, be sure to welcome him to the neighborhood!!

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