Getting hitched in Westchester? Well, Why-Knot?

Are you a bride or groom-to-be here in Westchester?  Or have you been married for years now?  Either way, follow our new column by our pal, “Mrs. Why-Knot”, as she travels through life planning her upcoming wedding.  She will let you know all about the Westchester Vendors, the ups (and the downs), and the ins and outs of one of life’s biggest moments!

Now that the gorgeous weather is in full effect in Westchester- birds chirping, sidewalk sales starting, sunbathers in their glory, and brides-to-be on the loose- it is time for a new column on Westchester Happening!

Admit it- whether you are a MS. or a MRS., I am sure you have even the smallest guilty pleasure of planning or reliving the plans of your most treasured day. Yes- it can be argued- weddings have absolutely changed over the years and some could argue for better or for worse. Nonetheless, the stressful and busy times are well worth it in the end (so I’ve been told!)

Living in Westchester, we have the fortunate, or unfortunate, opportunity to have access to thousands of wedding vendors. Endless options may be appealing but can also be very confusing. Who to pick? What to pay? How to tip? Who to book? When to book? There are so many questions that dance around a bride’s veil when she is planning her wedding, and rather than get bogged down by tackling them alone- ask for help! There are plenty of credible websites that feature reviews of vendors that can be searched by area. Some vendors you are thinking about using will even give you a list of contacts from their most recent weddings to use as a reference.

As a future Mrs. getting married this September, I have had the opportunity to meet with and hire several Westchester Vendors for my big day. For this column, I will feature and give my review on Westchester County Vendors, provide lighthearted advice on a variety of topics and most importantly- make this column something worth reading. The work involved with planning a wedding coupled with my huge passion for writing is what sparked me to begin my own blog and also welcome this column with Westchester Happening. So while you are out and about enjoying the weather- be sure to add Westchester Happening to your summer reading list.

I, Mrs. Why Knot, vow to engage the almost engaged, inspire the brides and welcome you well beyond becoming a MRS.!

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PS- If you are a Westchester Vendor who would like to be featured on the Mrs. Why Knot Blog & Mrs. Why Knot Column, email me for more information ~ [email protected]

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