First Indoor Sensory Playspace in Westchester to Open in March in Chappaqua

Wee Zee, new indoor playspace

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“WeeZee…World of Yes I Can” Gets Ready to Open almost 25,000 Square Feet at Chappaqua Crossing



Chappaqua, NY – Westchester’s first indoor sensory playspace and the largest facility of its kind in the country, WeeZee… World of Yes I Can, has broken ground and plans to open in March.  The indoor play space, to include an innovative concept and design, as well as state-of-the-art equipment, will span almost 16,000 square feet with an additional 8,500 square feet set aside for health care and other professionals at the new Chappaqua Crossing business development located at 480 Bedford Road in Chappaqua, NY. An original opening of 10,000 square feet in Armonk had been planned for WeeZee, but an expanded design and additional features made it necessary for the company to seek space that included more square footage and an open air concept.

Kids exercise station

WeeZee will offer a host of highly engaging, interactive and imaginative sensory experiences in a safe, supervised environment. The 35 different elements oftraining equipment — designed to strengthen nervous system conduction in a way that improves academic performance, athletic coordination and social connections in children of all ages — includes a Rainforest & Storm Zone (tactile water/wind experience), Reaction Training & Sports Enhancement Stalls (hand-eye coordination), a Vibration Station (core stabilization), a Cyber-action Floor (anticipation in movement), a Fiber Optic Light Room (visual optimization), and a state of the art Music Room (fully-equipped sound studio with karaoke room). Next to Wee-Wonz (Tot Zone) — parents can wait while their children play and relax in the Wi-Fi,adults-only Zen Den. This room is equipped with massage chairs and iPads for parents to chat, read, watch movies or catch up on the latest breakthroughs in children’s learning patterns and learning disabilities.

“WeeZee is a family’s fantasy come to life,” says founder Louise Weadock, a registered Child Psychiatric Nurse, graduate of Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and owner of the 27 year old, ACCESS Nursing & Healthcare Services, based in Pleasantville, NY. “We have created a unique environment that offers children a time to play and learn that is unforgettable.”

Weadock said that “similar to the way fitness clubs improve physical capability by focusing on muscle tone and flexibility, WeeZee seeks to improve cognitive capability by focusing on the senses to challenge intellectual curiosity in children of all abilities, ages 1-12.”

WeeZee’s program will also be sensitive to the needs of children with learning disabilities spanning the spectrum from dyslexia to autism, and will offer them “the most appealing play options,” she added.

Weadock, whose daughter was diagnosed at four years old with a severe Sensory Integration Disorder, became fascinated with the effects multi-sensory experiences had on her child’s ability to understand, accept and adapt to her world. “As an athlete, I understood the value that constant training played on increased performance. I knew that any prescribed therapy twice a week was not enough to get my daughter’s nervous system in sufficient sensory-shape to learn!” So, she purchased a diverse variety of sensory equipment and created a playground in the basement of her home for all the neighborhood children to enjoy with her daughter.

“We turned our home into a desensitizing “fun zone” for all.  Our house became a place that was always full of kids having the time of their lives while increasing their ability to learn” said Weadock. “The kids thought I was a ‘cool Mom’… their parents thought I was Nuts!!”

Sixteen years later, and following the growth of her successful regional healthcare personnel company, ACCESS Nursing & Healthcare Services; Weadock is launching what will become the largest and most cutting-edge indoor play space for cognitive development in Westchester County and the entire New York region.

With the additional square footage at Chappaqua Crossing, Weadock is creating “A Village” of offices to be licensed by sensory-focused and wellness-related, medical, non-medical, social and academic professionals that serve all family members.  The remaining space will provide an office headquarters for Weadock’s ACCESS Nursing & Healthcare Services, currently located on Manville Road in Pleasantville.

The opening of WeeZee in Westchester County will create more than 100 full- and part-time jobs in a variety of different fields including coaching, therapy, education, design and clerical. Weadock hopes that these positions can be filled by recent college grads and returning veterans “who are having the hardest time of all finding a job.”  There will also be opportunities for medical and academic internships for high school, college and medical school students. In addition, there will be an extensive Volunteer Program that provides opportunities to work with children who need extra support.

Consistent with other healthcare professionals employed by ACCESS Nursing, all WeeZee volunteers, interns, Villagers and employees seeking to be involved in this exciting new adventure in learning, will be subject to an extensive background check.

“Our vision is for WeeZee to become a fun place where kids can make friends, have unique experiences, expand their imaginations and improve their cognitive performance,” says Weadock. “We want the sensory adventures and social relationships discovered inside WeeZee to inspire each child to believe, “Yes I Can”!!!

WeeZee will be open from 8:00am to 9:00pm seven days a week. Annual memberships are available.

Construction has begun and a Grand Opening event is scheduled to take place in March.

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