Join the Epic in New Rochelle!

"Red and Black Figured Amphoras" by artist Marie Hines Cowan

This March, Ancient Greece comes to New Rochelle under the exciting project, ANCIENT GREEKS/MODERN LIVES: Poetry – Drama – Dialogue. ANCIENT GREEKS/MODERN LIVES is a part of a national initiative to celebrate Ancient Greek culture and remind communities of the importance this culture has had on modern America. Embracing this theme, New Rochelle will hold several fun and exciting Greek-themed events, all for free!

Go to the Museum of Arts and Culture (found within New Rochelle High School) any weekday from March 8th until April 5th, and you’ll find artist Marie Hines Cowan’s “Musings: The Beginning of an Epic.” This exhibit of oil paintings (shown both in the U.S. and Europe) presents a fresh new look at mythological characters by presenting them as modern-day people. On March 10th, there will be an artist’s reception from 4 to 7 pm, where you will be provided with refreshments and a chance to talk with the artist herself, who will be discussing her work.

The Museum of Arts and Culture, NRHS

March 10th is also the day the Linda Kelly Theatre (also found within the high school) will host an acting workshop, followed by a staged reading of selections from Greek dramas and epics, including Homer’s Odyssey and Euripides’ Herakles. To kick things off, the workshop, open to everyone age 16 and up, will begin at 5:30 pm. You don’t need any previous acting experience to attend! Then, at 7 pm, the 90-minute performance will start. There will be discussions after both the workshop and the performance.

Several events will take place at the New Rochelle Public Library, as well. Visit at 7 pm on the 22nd to see the classic 1963 movie, Jason and the Argonauts. This movie, starring Todd Armstrong, Nancy Kovack, and Gary Raymond, tells the story of a group of adventurers trying to find a mystical item called the Golden Fleece.  At 3 pm on the 25th, the public library will be home to the concert, “A Greek Musical Odyssey.” Here, you’ll get to listen to an extremely unique mix of classical art songs  and Greek folk music, as performed by singer/guitarist Julie Ziavras, pianist/arranger Spiro Cardamis, and bouzouki player Kostas Psarros. Finally, on March 29th, the public library will present the movie, Electra, at 7 pm. This black and white Greek film (with English subtitles) is an adaptation of a play by Euripides, and it stars Irene Papas, Giannis Fertis, and Aleka Katselli.

"Nike in a Party Dress", Marie Hines Cowan

"Athena in the Studio" by artist Marie Hines Cowan












The Museum of Arts and Culture on a School day...

"Cartoon for the Sistine Chapel" by Marie Hines Cowan












[box] Our writer, Madeleine Slade, is a senior at New Rochelle High School. She is the copy chief of the school newspaper, The Huguenot Herald, and she is heavily involved both in theater and in visual arts at the high school. [/box]



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