Local Detective finds a new “Beat” as a Writer

Front Cover of ENDEAVOUR

In past generations, most people followed a career path for their entire life.  Doctors became, remained and retired doctors.  Once a lawyer, always a lawyer.  Police Officers and Firemen rose up in their ranks within their forces, and eventually retired to become…well, retired Police Officers and Firemen.  But today, career changes, and careers after retirement are becoming the new norm.  For Yonkers resident, and new author Dom Laperuta, things have certainly taken a new path.  Dom has just released his first novel, entitled ENDEAVOUR.

Dom was raised in the Bronx, the son of a New York City police veteran.  After attending PS 16, and then Mount Saint Michael Academy, Laperuta moved on to Lehman College.  He eventually transferred to John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and decided to follow in his father’s footsteps.  After becoming a Detective in the Organized Crime Control Bureau, Dom found himself recovering from severe wounds incurred in a shoot-out with a drug dealer.  These injuries eventually led to an early retirement from the police force.

Upon retirement, Dom completed his bachelor’s degree at John Jay, and started his own personal investigative company.  But…there was a new career hiding in Dom’s life.  As he says, “I always had a fascination with writing…. Mrs Stabile was my 3rd grade teacher.   She had us (her students) write quite often back then. She was one of three outsranding teachers I had at PS 16. By the time I reached College, (I started at Lehman College in Bronx before transferring to John Jay College of Criminal Justice in the city), I was a Peer Tutor in Creative writing & continued to to use those skills in Police Dept as well as in Graduate School where I wrote a thesis on the Origin of Narcotics and its usage, criminally and medically.”

Author, Dom Laperuta

Fast forward to today, and Dom’s new release.  Endeavor came to Laperuta by one of the greatest inspirations to those of us who grew up in the 60s and 70s -the world of Science Fiction

Endeavor is the “Science Fiction Psychological Thriller and Adventure of a lifetime. A crew destined to make history by traveling the solar system at the speed of light encounter an anomaly created by an old enemy of a past World War, who seeks to create his own Destiny. The adventure of the crew is met with a surprise twist of espionage, time displacement, psychological drama, humor, and Alien history linked to Earth’s past.”

Don’t miss this exciting new read from a local author.  Dom will be doing book signings at Barnes and Noble, and other local Westchester bookstores.  For more information, you can check his website at www.domlaperuta.com.

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