Meetup for Diabetes!

Diabetes is an epidemic in our country.  With the population becoming more and more overweight, things like heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes become more prevalent.  Type II Diabetes, that is.  Type II Diabetes is always in the news, and recently there has been talk of a “cure” via surgery…specifically lap band surgery.

But…what about Type I Diabetes?  Oh, you never heard of it?  Sure you have.  You probably know it as Juvenile Diabetes…and have only heard about it because of a few celebrities who suffer from it.  But, perhaps you don’t see it as an adult problem, because it has always been referred to as “Juvenile Diabetes”.  And, for some reason, it is not as newsworthy as its’ sibling, Type II.  Well, if you have Type I Diabetes, there is help on the way.  No, not in pill form, or in insulin, or even (we wish!!) a cure.  But, emotional and friendly support for adults with Type I.  A local resident has formed a new group, and here is her story.

“My name is Allison and I live in Rye. I wanted to tell you about a new meetup group for folks living with type 1 diabetes that I’ve launched. Type 1 diabetes — formally called juvenile diabetes — affects people of all ages and is incurable, and requires intensive daily management. As people with type 1 diabetes get older, they often have little or no support in managing this chronic illness.

When I moved to Westchester about a year and a half ago, I went from having a great network of support to not knowing anyone locally. I have always appreciated having local, in-person support and want to provide that to the residents of Westchester, as well as Fairfield and Rockland Counties, who are dealing with this difficult disease. We won’t be a typical “support group” where all we do is vent and gripe, but I hope to encourage discussions about dealing with diabetes in real-world situations, like dinners out and other activities through out Westchester, as well as encouraging our members to volunteer at local diabetes events.”

If you have been dealing with Type I Diabetes during your lifetime, why don’t you join Allison and the rest of the gang?  For more information on the Meetup Group, check out the website at  We bet you will be glad you did!

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