Mt. Kisco Nutritionist, Dina Khader’s Organic Products Star, at The Academy Awards

3256-2This year’s Academy Awards show will be extra special, because winners, nominees, and guests will all be offered a selection of local Nutritionist’s Dina Khader’s delicious organic products as part of their Pre-Oscars Swag Bag. She was chosen as one of the elite few companies whose products will be enjoyed by some of the most prestigious stars in Hollywood!

To help celebrate an elegant occasion, Dina included an elegant treat: Dina’s Organic 74% Dark Chocolate Truffles. Since they were looking for vegan items, it was the perfect fit. And since the attendees will be enjoying a wide variety of prepared foods over the course of the event, she gave everyone Enzymes 2000, her proprietary plant-based enzyme blend that helps ensure complete digestion.

You can see the complete list of items in the Pre-Oscars Swag Bags, including Dina’s products, in this article: What’s Inside the 2016 Pre-Oscars Swag Bags?

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