A Night in New Orleans – A 1920’s Experience

“Reserve Your Passport”, tagline to the Eventures Divine brand, is once again being heard as the next destination on the schedule is the French Quarter, New Orleans where guests take a step back in time to the 1920’s era on Thursday, June 8, 2017 at Lounsbury House in Ridgefield, CT.

Fernand’s vision will provide an interactive experience exciting patrons by taking them on an experiential adventure. A Curious Conjuring of Cajun, Creole, Jazz, Bourbon, Burlesque and Beignets, sets the tone for the evening to be packed with the tastes, sights, sounds and experiences inspired by early century New Orleans.

Built in 1896, the home of Connecticut Governor Lounsbury will host Fernand’s lively, period inspired event, with the sounds of Dixieland jazz, and swing by NYC talent, The Hot Jazz Jumpers. Mouthwatering Cajun and creole inspired favorites will be uniquely presented in contemporary styling by the talented Susan Kane Catering firm. Entertainment will feature the celebrity DFX Dancers. Expect lots of surprises as the magical lure of old New Orleans will color the evening from her voodoo parlor featuring local artist, Margie Nugent, to the Litchfield Distillery and a visit from Connecticut’s Seaport Car Club displaying their classics.
For the full experience, dressing in period style influence is preferred for guests to fully engage in the magic of the evening. This is what makes Fernand’s Eventures so special; Full engagement of all the senses.

The event will begin at 7:30 p.m. and conclude at 11 p.m. Adults Only.

Tickets for Eventures Divine’s A Night in New Orleans are available now, offered at General Admission for $95, $130 for Divine Experience and $175 for the not to be missed, VIP Experience. For further information please visit: www.eventuresdivine.com and follow and subscribe to the Facebook event for news and updates.

About Eventures Divine: 2016, Eventures Divine was launched as a platform to create highly experiential events out of otherwise ordinary and familiar themes. In a time where people are disengaged, bored and out of touch, her vision is to bring a sense of adventure into each event experience.

About Therèsa Fernand: Anamorphic Catalyst, Owner of Intuitive Business Solutions, LLC and the Eventures Divine and Divinely Charmed brands. An information intuit in the business of human experience, Therèsa is an intuitive interpreter guiding you through her highly anticipated, experiential events, engaging in the all senses. She has traveled and worked throughout the country, doing readings, events and lectures, inspiring people to connect and live passionately.

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