How To Increase Productivity in Your Office

This may sound bizarre, but the color of your office can actually affect the way your employees work. The truth is, the color you surround yourself with impacts your mood, which in turn affects your productivity.

Choosing the right color for your office sounds like an easy task, but before you make a quick decision, consider these tips:

  • Orange. Orange paint ignites feelings of excitement, energy, productivity, and tranquility. Pale orange may be beneficial in a startup environment because it evokes feelings of excitement and togetherness.  This vibrancy encourages employees to get creative and productive. For designers and writers, orange or yellow colors are ideal.
  • Blues and Greens. Decorating in blue colors evokes a sense of stability and coolness that help you feel confident and strong at work. Blue gives off calmer feelings at work and will help you stay focused and productive. Green is a refreshing color that creates a calming effect. If your office consists of mostly lawyers or accountants who are likely to get stressed, blues and greens are suitable colors.
  • Red. An intense color, red paint helps you make a good first impression. It is a stimulant for conversation and tends to bring people together. Take it a few shades darker, like a maroon, to empowering your staff. Deep red makes for a great office accent wall. It can help motivate employees to continue working and make customers feel welcomed. Consider red if you are an entrepreneur who often brings clients into the office.
  • Stripes. Spice up the office in a creative environment. If your staff consists of graphic designers or advertisers, the walls can be painted with different patterns or color combination. Paint stripes on one wall and the rest in neutral shades. Stripes are dramatic and bold and make a cheerful wall design.

Different colors ignite different emotions. The right color can revitalize your office. Be sure to pick a color and design that is fitting for your work environment.

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