The Real (and sometimes Desperate) Housewife of Westchester

What’s it like being a Real Housewife in Westchester County? Follow our new column with our REAL HOUSEWIFE as she takes us on her daily (mis)adventures.  The kids, the laundry, the craziness and yes, even all the rewards!

The REAL HOUSEWIVES franchise of the Bravo network has proven itself to be worth the combined housewives’ weight in gold and then some. It is a “guilty pleasure” of many real housewives and of those who have yet to cross that threshold. However, I think that most would agree that the term “real” is very loosely applied and that there is little on these shows that reflect the day to day lives of housewives just about anywhere.

As a mom to 5, I know that my life may not be exactly typical, but I think that my experiences reflect a slightly more accurate representation of “real housewives”.  As a matter of fact, I find the term itself rather ambiguous. There are no two housewives whose roles are the same. Some are the bill payers, some are the bread winners, some bake the bread and some rear the children…and a growing number of them are actually male. Making them, I assume “real househusbands”.  What we have in common is an undeniable dedication to our families and our communities; the back bone of our schools, the scouting volunteers, the costume designers and the sports team managers.

I grew up here in Westchester in the small walking Village of Pleasantville. Everyone really did know my name…and my family members’ names. For the most part it was the quintessential place to grow up. A town pool in the summer and ice skating on the ponds in the winter. When I was in college I envisioned moving VERY far away but in the end I married a man who worked locally and have happily settled into the rhythm of another great place to live, Eastchester.  I find my days frightenly similar to those of my mother’s back in the day. Still, they are satisfying and it is comforting to know that someday my children will look back on the memories I am giving them with the same fondness that I have for my childhood.

Whether you are native to Westchester or have relocated here, I think you will agree that we share a common bond in the goal to create a happy and safe place to raise our children.  In this column I hope to share with you a slice of my life. Perhaps along the way I can provide a bit of humor, a smidgeon of advice, and a place to commiserate.

So pop back to Westchester Happening every so often and visit for a while. I look forward to the journey!

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