Restaurant Review: Chatting about Chat 19

by Paul Giordano

It didn’t take long to notice Chat 19 after moving into Larchmont. After driving past 19 Chatsworth Avenue, I quickly noticed Chat 19’s quaint outside seating and immediately made a mental note to add it to my “must try” list.  Coincidentally, several days later I noticed it was running a promotion for restaurant week. My girlfriend and I pounced on the opportunity and took a ride over. Unfortunately, the outside seating, what originally attracted us to the place, was full but we did manage to get a seat inside without having to wait.


I was pleasantly surprised by the ambiance. Upon walking in, a sleek modern bar stocked with an expansive selection of liquors for Chat19’s eclectic drink menu, welcomes guests to the right. To the left is bar seating with several televisions, which is perfect for a casual meal. Keep walking past the bar area, and you’ll be transported back-in-time with their retro chic main dining room, decorated with vintage black and white pictures of hollywood celebrities. The deep red walls and dimmed overhead lighting is perfect for a romantic evening. My girlfriend felt like she was in a Hepburn movie.

Now, on to the most important part, the food! I have been to Chat three times now and have not walked away disappointed once, each time having ordered a different dish off of their extensive, decadent menu. From steak to fish to risotto to a classic burger, they have it all. A personal favorite is their bacon wrapped meatloaf; after all everything is better with bacon on it!

It’s obvious that Chat19 prides itself on presentation. However, unlike many trendy restaurants, Chat also delivers on taste.  During my first visit to Chat, I ordered the steak, which turned out to be one of the best pieces of steak I have ever eaten. It had a crispy exterior packed with flavor and a soft juicy interior that seemed to melt in my mouth. I’ve been told that I uttered the words “Oh my God” about 40 times throughout the meal. My girlfriend, who is not the biggest meat eater, got a lobster risotto which was excellent. Both times I have been approached by a friendly manager who asked how the meal went and suggested possible dishes for our next visit.

For anyone who is a sports fan this place also has one last feature that needs mentioning. In the dining room, they have a huge projection screen where they show a big game from time to time. I went there once during a Rangers playoff game. While I’m not the biggest hockey fan, I found myself engrossed in the game while enjoying my food.

Each of my experiences at Chat 19 has been uniquely excellent, and the restaurant has quickly become one of my favorite in Larchmont.

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