Rorschach Test? Nope…QR Code!

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You see them everywhere these days.  On business cards, flyers, products.  Flipping through the pages of Vogue, I saw several on the fashion mogul Ads.  Those funky little squares of black and white.  No, they are not mini Rorschach Tests designed to test your mind’s eye.  Indeed, they are a part of today’s incredible technological advances.  They are a special type of Bar Code, called a QR Code, short for Quick Response Code.

According to that internet haven of information, Wikipedia, QR Codes were originally developed by a subsidiary of Toyota called Denso Wave, and were formulated to track vehicles throughout the manufacturing process.  The rest of the world caught on to the phenomenon, and usage power, and you now see them all over the place.  As Wikipedia says, “the system has become popular outside of the industry due to its fast readability and large storage capacity compared to standard UPC Barcodes.”

With the advent of Smart Phones, QR Codes have allowed businesses to take their advertisements and make them immediately actionable.  There are several Bar Code reader applications available for the iPhone and the Android platforms, and they are FREE.  Therefore, with a QR Code on an Ad, business card, or promotional material, a customer can scan the code and go directly to a web page, coupon page, special video, or Ad. Businesses can create their own QR codes very easily on the internet.  Check out for more information.

The best part about QR codes?  Yep, Westchester Happening has them!

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