Scarsdale gets a new Yoga Studio!

Scarsdale Yoga

Opening in the Spring of 2012, Scarsdale Yoga Studios will be the largest yoga and wellness facility in Westchester County with a location of over 7,000-square-feet. Irene Sinyavin and Olga Morozova, founders and general partners of Scarsdale Yoga Studios, recognized  the need for a comprehensive large-scale studio within the community as a way to offer clients a tranquil environment for fostering peace and relaxation, and improved health and fitness.

With no other business of its kind in place, Irene and Olga set out to create a unique experience to provide a getaway location with over twenty different styles of classes, various workshops, therapeutic treatments and amenities.  Additionally, the studio will feature a Hot Yoga Studio, as well as  “The Great Yoga Wall,” a one-of-a-kind evolution of the Iyengar wall- an offering not found in smaller yoga studios.

Situated on the Bronx River, with floor-to-ceiling windows that will offer a unique view on the outside world, Scarsdale Yoga Studios will be a welcome addition to the community. “We wanted to create a serene environment that evokes a positive community atmosphere and an oasis that will release the tension we all hold in our busy lives,” explains Irene.

Conveniently located next to the Metro North railroad station, Irene and Olga knows the studio will draw interest from clients across the state and into Connecticut.
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