St. Patrick’s Day PUB CONTEST Opens!

A few weeks ago, we announced our St. Patrick’s Day Pub Contest, the opportunity for you loyal fans to pick your favorite spot to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!  Show the love to the restaurant or pub where you enjoy spending time on St. Pat’s and in general.  Today we kick off the voting to determine the contest winner on our Facebook fan-page.  Check out the album “FAVORITE ST. PATRICK’S DAY PUB” and vote for your favorite establishment by “liking” the photo. Please note that comments will not be counted as votes.

In addition to voting now, patrons will also be able to vote right from their smart phones while enjoying time in their favorite place by utilizing a special QR Code we have provided to each of the places shown in the album.  If you don’t already have a Bar Code Scanning App on your phone, there are several that are FREE to iPhone and Android users.

So, loyal fans, where do YOU spend St. Patrick’s Day?  Help us decide on Westchester’s favorite spot!!

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