Happening Heroes: Elizabeth Wald’s Life-Saving Bracelets

After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis more than 10 years ago, local jeweler Elizabeth Wald discovered an important need that had long been overlooked- designing Medical Bracelets that people would actually wear.

This need led Elizabeth to create Stones in Harmony, which designs beautiful handcrafted medical alert bracelets for people who, like herself, need to be wearing a medical alert bracelet.  These engraved bracelets provide life-saving information for medical professions in cases of medical emergencies, such as medical conditions or allergies to Medics. For years, people, especially women, have opted not to wear these life-saving bracelets due to ‘ugly’ and unwearable designs.

Stones in Harmony concentrates on raising awareness of the need to wear Medical Alert Bracelets 24/7 for three conditions:

1.Those who take multiple medications
2. Those who have a chronic medical condition
3. Those who have an allergy to food or drugs

For her efforts, Elizabeth has been featured in Health Monitor Magazine and will soon make an appearance on RheumTV in September.

Currently, Stones in Harmony’s bracelets are on display at a surgeon’s office at Westchester Medical Group. 

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