Theater Company Wants Local Performing Artists to be a part of Fundraisers for Child Adoption

9 Year Old Quadruple Transplant Patient Ryan Samuelson Was Masked Production's First Beneficiary

9 Year Old Quadruple Transplant Patient Ryan Samuelson Was Masked Production’s First Beneficiary

When 17 year old Shannon Nixon from Buffalo, NY decided to use her artistic talents and the talents of her thespian comrades to orchestrate a benefit concert for a 9 year old quadruple transplant patient, the ambitious young actress and singer was deeply touched by the outreach of the community. She knew she couldn’t stop. Shannon continued producing benefit shows for local children undergoing medical treatment and in 2013 founded Masked Productions, a theater company dedicated to utilizing the performing arts to fundraise for individuals and non-profit organizations.

Masked Productions is now set to launch a unique theater project, Art for Humanity, which will begin in the fall of 2015 and raise proceeds to help people who are adopting children cover the many fees incurred by the process. “We will produce family friendly theater entertainment with comedy, music, and dance and establish a cathartic, community-minded environment for people to come together and support people who are adopting in the NYC area and surrounding counties,” states Executive Producer Shannon Nixon. The small theater company is a faith-based entity that is not only seeking talented performers to be a part of endeavor, but compassionate people who have an authentic desire to help others in need.

The theater company needs people who are able to use their talents on stage as well as behind the scenes.

“We are not only looking for actors, singers, and dancers, but also people interested in directing, choreographing, costume design, hair/makeup and any other theatrical role you can think of. Ideally, we want our team of people involved with Masked Productions theater fundraisers to create a family out of the cast and crew who are helping others create a family through adoptions,” explains Nixon.

Masked Productions wants to also begin reaching out to individuals and couples who are looking for financial assistance with their adoptions. The company’s productions have raised over $15,000 for a one night show and much more can easily be raised, but it takes a team effort to make it happen: Masked produces a high-caliber show and tends to the gritty behind-the-scenes work that goes into putting on a fundraiser event and adoptees invite friends and family to attend it.

For theatrical minded people looking for an opportunity to perform or work back stage and for individuals or couples seeking financial assistance for an adoption, please email [email protected] or call Shannon at 716.450.6277.

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