Top Spots to Host a Memorable Birthday Parties from the Starter Mom

by Nicole Loughan


There is one way to party that will keep your house clean, your floors free of damage and your yard free of clutter. These parties’ keep you stress free and give the worry of prep work and clean up to somebody else.  If you want this type of party nirvana, step back and have a venue party.  Don’t get me wrong I love a house party as much as the next guy. The price is low and there is no way to go wrong when you invite somebody over to your house with the promise of free cake and ice cream. On the flip-side for those big milestone birthdays or just on a year when you have been very busy hold the party away from your house and let somebody else take care of the hard work and leave you the task of mingling with your guests. Over the last year we have been invited to some especially swanky venue parties, each chosen with the guest of honor in mind. If you are looking for the perfect party away from home, check the list below to see what’s out there waiting for you.

Is your child always staring at bugs or lagging behind to check out a dog? – You’re child would probably enjoy a party with the animals at a zoo. Most zoos provide private parties, which include food, decorations and grab bags.  Some zoo events include private encounters with animals such as giraffes and elephants. At the zoo party we attended we were given a private picnic grove, decorated by the zoo staff, we were visited throughout our stay by the zookeeper who brought animals and gave us a private demonstration. We were also excorted around the zoo by our party hostess who took us on a horseback ride and gave out treats to our guests to feed to the animals in the petting zoo. A huge hit at the party was the exotic birds encounter where birds gladly landed on children who were holding bird treats.

Is your little one literally climbing the walls? – One of the most affordable parties is at restaurants or non-profit venues that have indoor soft play places. We recently went to a playplace party, held inside a church. The mammoth structure had three story high slides, with lots of different ladders and levers to play with along the way. If you don’t have a local church or McDonalds with a rentable playplace you can likely rent the picnic grove at a local park for as little as $10. The best part of non-profit places and parks is that you can bring your own food.

Is your child sure they are long-lost royalty? – Princess Parties are all the rage. My daughter loved one held at the national chain Sweet and Sassy. This party is defiantly a splurge item and the cost starts at around $300 for eight girls. Sweet and Sassy provided the princess dresses, nail polish and enough glitter to choke Anna’s sidekick snowman. Each of the girls got a glossy princess makeover and got a few minutes to walk a runway in their princess gown. After the party they were whisked away to a private dining room, complete with chandelier to enjoy cake a fruit, provided by the parents. The princess party package is $299 for eight girls, $20 for each additional girl. My daughter asks to see the pictures from the princess party every time we pull out the camera.


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