Village Social’s Chef to Compete on Chopped!

Chef Mogan will compete on CHOPPED airing on The Food Network, Thursday, June 13th at 9pmET.

Chef Mogan will compete on CHOPPED airing on The Food Network, Thursday, June 13th at 9pmET.

Just around his 2 year anniversary with Village Social, Chef Mogan Anthony, owner, Joe Bueti and the Village Social staff are excited to celebrate yet another accomplishment – Chef Mogan will be competing on this season of the popular Food Network show, CHOPPED set to air Thursday, June 13th at 9pmET.

Loyal restaurant customers are not surprised. The cuisine at Village Social has blown guests away since Chef Mogan’s arrival. Mogan Anthony, who is of Malaysian decent, knows how to add just the right flare to his dishes. Having worked at the famed Jean Georges in New York City as well as Barcelona in Greenwich prior to his current role as head Chef at Village Social. When asked about taking on the CHOPPED competition, “It’s been a such great experience working at Village Social and I wanted to challenge myself further, have fun cooking and see how far I could get.,” says Chef Mogan. Owner and proprietor of Village Social, Joe Bueti takes great pride in his chef’s abilities and is proud to have him represent Village Social. “Having Mogan on board has lent itself to strong client satisfaction, excitement, loyalty and of course amazing food”.

Chef Mogan serves mouth-watering dishes up without the fuss. His cooking style is stoic. Upon observation he exudes a quiet sophistication that can only mean one thing-he’s confident in his food, its presentation and delivery and conversely not remotely interested in the recognition. That may have worked for him over the past 2 years but Village Social is no longer keeping his talent under wraps. It is way past time for Mogan to receive the applause he so deserves. Joe Bueti and his staff are thrilled to usher their chef out of the kitchen and into the spotlight with this competition.

Village Social’s staying power in the Mt. Kisco area has been further solidified by this reveal and when better to roll out the red carpet than now as their patio is all set for summer. Stop by for a refreshing cocktail, some sunlight and to say a quick hello to Chef Mogan Anthony. The Village Social team awaits you!

Village Social Kitchen + Bar is located at 251 East Main Street in Mount Kisco. 

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