We are starting a new feature here at WH – the WESTCHESTER TOWN OF THE WEEK.  Each week, we will highlight one town in the county, and will give you some facts about that town, including census information, and something fun or enlightening.  If you have any facts about the town of the week, feel free to let us know in the “comments” section!  Or, just drop in and say “Hi, I am from______”!!


Amawalk Reservoir, courtesy of nyc.gov

Situated in the Northern part of Westchester County, in Somers, is the hamlet known as Amawalk.  Amawalk’s zip code is 10501 and has a population of 849 people.  It is 49.7 percent male and 50.3 percent female.  The median household income is $142,391, and the median home value is $868,700.  The unemployment rate is 4.3, and the percentage of high school graduates is 98.3.

The children of Amawalk attend schools in the Somers Central School District, which consists of the Primrose Elementary School, the Somers Intermediate School, and the Somers Middle School and High School.

Fun Fact:  The Amawalk Reservoir, located at the intersection of Routes 202 and 35, serves NYC, and is named after the town of Amawalk.  The Amawalk reservoir is one of 12 reservoirs in New York City’s Croton  Water Supply System, and at only 3 miles long, is one of the smallest of the supply.

We searched high and low to find the derivation of the name “Amawalk” but were unable to come up with any information.  Do you know how it got its name?

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