Helping Westchester Women Own It

Photo By: Alison Sheehy

Photo By: Alison Sheehy

The Rivertowns are full of accidental entrepreneurs. At least according to Sarah Silbert Hinawi, Director of The Purple Crayon, a coworking space, small business incubator and performance venue in Hastings.

“We see it every day. Women who left the workforce to have kids, men who’ve lost their jobs, anyone who’s had enough of work they don’t love—they are starting to build their own work around their greatest skills or their personal passions. And before they know it, they are entrepreneurs, leaders of their own small businesses.”

According to Hinawi, this sets people down a road to becoming a leader that they may have never intended to travel. In the interests of helping them be successful along this road The Purple Crayon has designed a series of workshops that guide local business people both through the stages of leadership development they will need as they build their work, but also to develop all the practical skills that are necessary to make any small business viable.

These workshops are highly curated, bringing in national leaders in different areas of business development, and this is intentional: “We made a deliberate decision not to provide a ton of workshops all the time, but to select the most impactful presenters and topics we could find. Small business people have so few resources, we want the time and money they spend to be worthwhile and catalytic to their growth,” Hinawi says.

The series provides a workshop a month, rotating between personal and professional development and leveraging the group environment to pull on some top voices in leadership consultancy and business development. So far in 2014-2015 they have chosen a broad range of voices to meet the many needs of these ‘accidental entrepreneurs’. From personal development through the OWN It workshop with Hastings’ own Joanne Heyman, founder of the organization Heyman Partners, to The Energy Project, an acclaimed international organization that focuses on performance achieved through workplace happiness. For the first time at The Purple Crayon, their services will be offered in workshop format and accessible to the general public as opposed to in a corporate or organizational setting.

Acclaimed mediator and communication expert, Wokie Nwabueze, will be empowering women and helping them find their voices to succeed not only in business but also in their personal lives.

Just last week, BrandTwist founder Julie Cottineau (from Dobbs Ferry) used her formidable experience with companies such as Virgin and Target to help local entrepreneurs find and make their own branding breakthroughs.

By engaging in these workshops local business owners and entrepreneurs will find themselves better equipped to advance in their careers and manage their roles as leaders. The Purple Crayon aims to make positive and successful growth an option for the even the smallest entrepreneur by offering these extremely high end and low-cost workshops.

Upcoming Workshop Dates:

  • The Energy Project with Dana Asher: January 8, 2015, 9-12am;
  • OWN It with Joanne Heyman: February 5th, 2015, 9-12am;
  • Courageous Communication with Wokie Nwabueze: March 5th, 2015 10am-1pm


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