Mrs. Why-Knot becomes a “Mrs.”!!

Are you a bride or groom-to-be here in Westchester?  Or have you been married for years now?  Either way, follow the WH column by our pal, “Mrs. Why-Knot”, as she travels through life planning her upcoming wedding.  She will let you know all about the Westchester Vendors, the ups (and the downs), and the ins and outs of one of life’s biggest moments!

This is a VERY SPECIAL column from our Mrs. Why-Knot…as today is the day before she TIES the knot!  Westchester Happening would like to thank her, and also Three/Events & PR for this post, and would also like to wish her and her “Mr.” many, many happy years of marriage together!!!!


HAPPY FRIDAY! All week long I have gotten texts from friends asking me when I am going to do a blogpost about my own wedding (which is tomorrow!) A good friend of mine from Three/Events & PR, an event planning and public relations boutique firm, put together a list of Top 10 questions to ask me about my planning throughout the process and leading up to today. Hope you enjoy this special friday feature on my personal feelings about “tying the knot!”

Story submitted by Three/Events & PR
“Our favorite wedding blogger is walking down the aisle tomorrow and I can’t believe how fast it all went by! I remember hearing of the news of Mrs. Why Knot’s engagement nearly two years ago.  Planning a wedding takes time, but in a few blinks of an eye it’s here and we want to know how the Queen of all things bridal has faced the challenges up to the day of and what advice she has to give of her own experience.”

Happy Happy Wedding Weekend Mrs. Why Knot!  I wish you all the best and happiness for you both!”

questions as submitted by Three/ Events & PR:
1.  Only a few hours away from your big day, do you feel like the stereotype of the ‘jittery bride’ has taken over?  What about the ‘Bridezilla’ stereotype, was that ever present?
As far as “jittery” surprisingly enough- it hasn’t totally set in yet. As close as it may actually be, I am still waiting for it to hit me and seem real. I have a feeling it won’t actually all settle in until it is time to walk down the aisle! As far as any bridezilla moments- I have kept myself in check throughout the process and haven’t allowed myself to get absolutely crazy and neurotic about things. Like any bride (or woman in general…) of course there are times during planning that things don’t seem very smooth but I’ve been pretty good at handling it and getting through those moments! (or at least I think I have!)

2.  A lot of couples are now opting for a ‘Childless Wedding’, if you had to give advice on this topic, what would you say to both the couple and the guest receiving the invitation stating ‘No Children Allowed’ in terms of handling the situation tactfully?
Childless weddings seems to be popping up more often lately and I have heard mixed feelings from both ends about it. In the past, all weddings were “childless” but let’s face it- times have changed! Some couples choose to avoid having children at their wedding altogether and feel that it isn’t a place for children (children meaning 18 years and younger in some circumstances.) I personally feel it is up to the couple and is their personal preference. For me, I couldn’t imagine our wedding without our favorite little ones. I think the littlest people make the biggest moments even better. My fiance and I are fortunate to have two beautiful nieces who are our flower girls and we have younger cousins who we couldn’t imagine not at our wedding. As far as those receiving a “No Children Allowed” invite. I say, there’s a choice there. You can respectively decline the invite if it bothers you. Also- for any couples sending these invites, I wouldn’t word it in a negative way. Therefore, as opposed to writing “No Children Allowed”, simply state “Adult Only Reception.”

3.  In having a two year engagement, do you feel it was more helpful to you with the planning in terms of the stress?  Do you think you could have managed doing it all in half the time and without the added stress?
I think that having a two year engagement definitely was helpful! I am a sucker for details and I love nothing more than putting time and energy into the “little” things because it adds to the picture and showcases a part of our personalities. There are many details of our day that I literally worked on right when we got engaged. I would get an idea and just run with it. If I had to do it in half the time- it would get done but there would definitely be a much larger stress factor for me.

4.  Who did you mainly have help from?  Did your fiance put forth any planning or did you have a fair share to go around, ie. Mother of the bride, mother of the groom, friends and other family members?
My fiance actually enjoyed a lot of the planning with me. I was thankful he was interested in telling me his opinion or sharing his ideas with me. Some find this “different” but all along, I wanted this to be our wedding, our day and our ideas. And seriously- his favorite thing was probably scanning every and anything that caught his eye when we registered! I mean really, I have more alcoholic beverage glasses that any department store! In addition to his help, our families have also been very helpful and so has our bridal party. The best part was that they were there when we asked for opinions or help with the planning and they also knew when to let us plan on our own.

5.  Besides picking the date and the venue, what was the first thing you thought to tackle first?  In other words, the most important task you needed to scratch off your list?
Booking our photographer and videographer! As soon as we got engaged we literally started calling to make sure our date was available. You don’t realize that so many amazing vendors are literally booked years in advance. I am so glad we booked ours when we did. It felt great to scratch it right off our list!

6.  I am still in ‘awe’ of your engagement photos, they are so original!  How was your experience in taking your engagement photos in Giant Stadium?
Thank you!! OMG – What a blast it was! It was a day we will never forget. It was so surreal literally standing on the field with no one in the stands, playing around, taking pics and video, being silly and just having the greatest time. I couldn’t be happier with the way they came out. It showcases who we truly are and our personalities perfectly. Above all, it was a ton of fun and I would do it all over again if we could!

7.  Trash the dress trend… What are your feelings on it?  Are you planning on taking part in the trend?  If so, would you trash your actual wedding dress or buy a less valuable one for the popular shoot?
I have seen some really neat videos of TTD and have often wondered if the majority of brides buy another gown or just live it up and trash their own. I feel like it’s a personal choice. I say, if you have a certain “messy” hobby or a unique idea on how you’d like to trash it, go for it! When people say that you want to hang on to the memory of your original dress- what better way to remember it than taking it from one extreme to a whole ‘nother level! That is truly unforgettable! I won’t be trashing mine but if I wanted to- I would use my original 🙂

8.  Many brides have a dilemma in choosing the right bridesmaid dress that will be flattering to their entire bridal party, what tips would you suggest in tackling this problem?
Try it- say you actually have never seen a bridesmaid dress that you hated? It is highly probable that you have either been in a bridal party or glanced at another’s bridesmaids and said “wow- this dress is so not flattering!” My biggest tip is to be CONSIDERATE! Seriously- take into account your bridesmaids shapes and heights when looking at dresses. My bridesmaids have all different figures and I wanted to find a dress that would compliment everyone. Luckily- I went shopping with my cousin and my sister and we tore through a ton of dresses to find one that we thought would be most flattering for all of my girls. The dress I picked is strapless with minor rouching on the bust. There is a sash beneath the bust line and then layers of fabric that basically just fall. It is loose fitting around the stomach and leg area. I can honestly say every single girl looks beautiful in it and they all really like the style because it is comfortable and flatters all of their figures.

9.  After the ring, the smiles and over-joyous feelings, when did you begin thinking: “Oh crap, I have a wedding to plan!”?  Lots of brides get caught up in the glamour of it all not thinking of the many details, planning and hours they need to put in to get it all done, when did the “Oh crap” thought hit you and what did you do to tackle everything properly?
I think the planning hit me from the second I saw the ring! My sister, and MOH, gave me a wedding planner that night I got engaged and I couldn’t wait to explore it. I didn’t even realize ALL of the planning involved and when I took a look into the planning binder it was all there! Since I am a bride with a guilty pleasure of details, I didn’t care how many hours it would take so long as I let all of my creative juices and ideas flow. Some details took a small amount of time and others took for what seemed like forever. However- if you are a detail-oriented person and you enjoy all of the minor things, you don’t mind investing the time and energy. That was me- still is. I look forward to TOMORROW to see all of my visions come together. That will be well worth any amount of time.

10.  Your wedding date is so fun!! Who came up with the concept of 9.10.11?  Was it harder finding a venue or vendors on such a popular wedding date?
Whoohoo!!! It is so funny because my fiance and I started dating in 2007 and in ’08 everyone was going crazy over 8.8.08 and then 10.10.10 etc etc. We were joking around one day and looking through dates that fell on a weekend and we joked saying if we ever got married in 2011 it would have to be that date. We both loved it! What makes it ironic is that we had just moved into our place in 2009 so when we talked about this the furthest thing from my mind was that we’d be engaged by that time. Little did I know- 4 months later we would be! It wasn’t harder to find a venue or vendors since we had a lot of time to plan BUT some venues we looked into did actually ask us to pay more per head because of that date. One place in particular, I questioned why and they said they know it would become a popular date like 8.8.08 etc and that they knew the date would book. I thought that was ridiculous. I love our date and think it is unique but to think a venue would charge more because of it is absurd. My favorite part of the date, besides it going in sequential order- my fiance realized just after we got engaged that as a roman numeral it is a palindrome! It is IX.X.XI (front to back, back to front and upside down, it is all the same.) We added this detail to our invites, favors and other planning pieces!

BONUS QUESTION – 11.  What final thoughts, advice and tips do you have for the newly engaged or anyone getting married this season?
BE YOURSELF! No matter what the case may be- you and your fiance must stay true to yourselves because it should be about the both of you and what you want for your special day. Welcome advice when you actually are asking for it. Don’t allow yourself to get bogged down by other peoples’ thoughts and wishes. Many times these are people that truly mean well but don’t always recognize it’s YOUR day! Also, keep it classy. There is such a drive to get caught up with so many trends and although I am all about embracing originality, keep in mind that after the trends of today passes, there will be children and grandchildren one day that will hear about your wedding and see pictures and videos. Make sure it is something you would actually want to share! Lastly- E N J O Y it! The time goes so unbelievably fast and if you don’t look around and take it all in, it just might pass you by. I can honestly say, I don’t know where these past two years have gone but I cannot wait to start the rest of my life as a MRS.! Why knot?!

Thanks to Three/Events & PR for providing these questions and getting down to the nitty gritty of my planning and experience. Be sure to check them out for all of your event needs, weddings included!

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